The problem with writing a weekly blog post on the subject of Salt Lake City SEO is that I quickly find myself running out of topics to write about. As such I have to attempt to be creative on occasion. For example, I originally started this article with the idea of writing it entirely in poetry prose. This will explain the title. After about five minutes of writing, however, I decided this idea required a little bit more effort than I was willing to expend at the moment.

There are many ways to compensate for a lack of subject matter. One method is to write articles which cover the same material that has been previously covered, but to tell it in a different way. As I have said before, the main reason (or perhaps one of the main reasons) for these blog posts (as far as I can tell) is to provide content within which key words and back links can be embedded. This increases the search engine optimization value of the host site in general. My explaining this, by the way, will constitute the educational value of this blog post. For the record, the two key words embedded in this blog post are Salt Lake City SEO and PPC which need to be embedded in the content several times according to the assignment that has been given to me by my employer.


In addition to merely embedding key words within the paragraphs that make up the content of this blog post, additional search engine optimization value is gained by putting the key word in multiple contexts. For example, the key word appears within the content of a paragraph but it also appears as the heading of this particular paragraph. For the purposes of search engine optimization I have been told that it is advisable to insert the key word in the title of the blog post as well as the first sentence of the first paragraph. Sometimes it can be challenging to create content that reads like normal text when a key word has to be shoehorned in in this manner. This is especially true with a key word such as Salt Lake City SEO because (in my experience) it does not fit naturally in a normal sentence most of the time.

The content itself must also have a specific word count. According to WordPress, content should be at least three hundred words. Typically for this blog I shoot for five hundred words. The key word count will increase as the word count increases because search engines favor content with a specific key word density. For a blog post of five hundred words the key word should appear about four to five times.

There are other factors that also influence the search engine optimization value of a specific piece of content. For example, embedding a picture within the content will increase its SEO value. Outbound links will also increase the SEO value as well. The reader will notice that I have included both of these items. And despite my lack of ideas before sitting down at my keyboard I do believe I have reached my word count goal by both providing informative content as well as employing the desired SEO techniques.