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Why Should You Care?

You Google a local business. They have three stars and some reviews. What’s your next step?

You read the reviews. Then you choose not to go with the business because of a bad review. What has just happened? The business you were reading about did not understand how to maintain their reputation management.

What Is
Reputation Management?

Reputation management is looking at your social media reviews and ratings and knowing how to best handle a review your company receives online. Whether the review is a 5 star or a 2 star, reputation management is essential for you to keep a reputable profile online. Responding to comments, whether good or bad and how you respond makes an immense difference in how a potential patron will buy. Make sure potential consumers are seeing good ratings and responses, along with your responses to bad ratings as well. Engaging your customers across multiple platforms of social media, having current reviews and promoting your brand’s existing reputation are exceedingly important components of maintaining your business’s Reputation Management.

Do you know what consumers are saying about
You and Your Business Online?

Consumers who search online look for the best ratings with the most reviews. Buyers trust reviews and ratings and will buy (or not buy) your services or products based on what a complete stranger is saying about you and your company. Are you getting reviews for your business? If not, how can you retrieve more reviews from your loyal customers?

We’ve Got Your Back at
Barking Frog SEO!

Barking Frog SEO has a team of marketing professionals who understand the importance of your online reputation and how to manage the online reviews you receive. Turn bad reviews to your advantage. Promoting your website across social media, better your brand image and give your company the PR to be the company potential clients choose. Your online image and reputation is the fuel to fire your growth or the fire to take down your profits.

Make the choice today to have Barking Frog SEO on your side! Barking Frog SEO will make your brand shine!

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