Loyal readers of the Barking Frog SEO blog, I would like to inform you that the key word is SEO Park City for today’s blog post. Please keep this in mind as you continue reading as it may explain why a sentence containing that key word will read a little awkwardly. But I suppose the awkwardness of the the reading only really matters if in fact some one is actually reading these blog posts. And by “someone” I mean an actual human (or other sentient, biological life form) as opposed to a web bot or some such.


It is no small matter to consider whether or not someone will actually read the content one creates for SEO purposes. In fact it makes all the difference in the world. That is, if I am writing a blog post for a private blog network (or PBN) which is created solely for the purpose of embedding key words and back links so as to optimize the content of another website, I do not really care how well the content reads except to the extent that it is not recognized as spam by a search engine web bot. But this does not mean that the writing is spam or low quality necessarily. In fact, not worrying about how a blog post reads serves to free me up a little which actually augments my creative process. Sometimes I amuse myself by the words that flow forth from my keyboard. On the other hand, more often than not the words that flow forth are little better than spam. But if you are going to make an omelette you have to break some eggs (as they say). By which I mean my creative process is served by allowing myself to make mistakes or low quality writing because one out of every tenth attempt is a gem. Therefore, if I never allowed myself to make a clam (which is the opposite of a gem in this context) then I would never make the gems. Make sense?

So this is the world in which we presently find ourselves. In order to optimize the content of one website I must write content on another website that reads a little awkwardly. We have discussed several times on this blog whether this is an entirely ethical process. The jury is still out on that one. But I tend to think that the creative process is inherently valuable. That is, any exercise that tends to increase the level of creativity in the world (and in myself in particular) is a good thing. In addition, this is a technique which is employed by search engine optimization people all the time (or at least I think that is the case). In other words, much like the mafia, we knew what was entailed in our line of business when we stood in the dark room, had our fingers pricked, held a burning card in our hands and took the oath of loyalty. Of course my loyal readers know that I am speaking metaphorically. Now let’s get one more SEO Park City in before I reach my intended word count.