Combined Experiences for the
Winning Barking Frog Team

BarkingFrog SEO is a small company made up of a few highly talented individuals with a passion for search engine marketing. Owned and operated by SEO veteran Rick Morris, this close knit group keeps up with the latest trends in SEO and social media marketing. Rick and his assistants are all local small business owners here in Utah. Together they combine their experiences to bring you the best SEO tactics to rank locally across multiple platforms.

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Rick Morris, Owner

Rick is a veteran of the SEO industry. For over 10 years he has used his expertise to help small to medium sized businesses increase their traffic and business. From the late 90’s to the early millennial years, Rick worked as a Senior Systems Engineer at USAA. His education stems from St. Leo University where he studies Information Systems. After his time at USAA, Rick went on to build and operate four e-commerce websites, focusing on outdoor and bicycle gear and equipment. Rick’s passion for biking counters the huge amount of time he spends working hard on getting his digital marketing clients the results they need to grow their businesses. Rick lives in beautiful Park City, Utah with his wife and 2 dogs. He is an active member of the Salt Lake City BNI group. In his spare time, you can find Rick biking extraordinarily long distances through the mountains of Utah. Sometimes he is racing, sometimes he is just enjoying the gorgeous scenery.

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Ardyce Taylor,
Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

Ardyce has been working in the SEO industry for five years. What started as a way to earn a little extra money became a full time career. In 2013 she started working for Barking Frog SEO and has had the opportunity to gain a larger breadth of experience and skill set through Rick’s guidance and other projects she manages. A graduate of the University of Montana with a degree in Biology and Mathematics, Ardyce employs her problem solving skills to optimize client campaigns to produce higher traffic results. She lives in Salt Lake City with her daughter, a black and white cat named Rainbow, and a ridiculous dog. In her free time you will find her skiing the Greatest Snow on Earth here in Utah or hanging out at the yoga studio.

Woman at a river with white sunglasses
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Brooke Elder,
Sr. IT & Technical SEO

Brooke has a strong background in marketing and design. She came to Barking Frog SEO through Scentsy, the global scented candle giant who, incidentally, is a Barking Frog SEO client. She works on a specific set of projects for Rick, as well as other side projects on her own. Mother to four beautiful children, Brooke lives in Lehi with her husband and kids.

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George Caspar,
Sr. Content Writer

George is the creative content man at Barking Frog SEO. He has an extensive background in blogging for Forward Motion LLC in CT. He has worked as a yoga instructor, legal bill auditor and attorney on the East Coast. The blog pieces that he writes for SEO clients often have a hint of humor, and broadly survey the topics he covers without loosing focus on the main ideas presented. In his spare time, you can find George running, playing guitar and writing fiction. He is also a member of the Toastmaster club.

Man standing in front of home siding