Whether you are just starting a website or have been writing your own content for a while, you should know by now that content is king when it comes to your website. Unfortunately, just writing thousands of blog posts isn’t going to get the search engine traffic you need. You need to have great content that people actually want to read. Here are 3 easy ways to increase your traffic by writing content that will get you noticed.

Tip #1 Grab the attention of your readers with a catchy title

Your title really matters. If your title isn’t attention grabbing it won’t make people stop and read it. Using numbers in your title help grab people’s attention. A good place to look for great examples of catchy titles is on magazine covers, especially those celebrated tabloids. They are great at catching your attention and making you want to read more.

Lets say that you are announcing a new product or service your company is launching. A boring title would be something like, “Check out our new blender with extra spinning power.” The title is to the point. The reader knows that you have a new blender and it has extra power, but it’s lacking that wow factor that makes you want to read it. You don’t really want to know more, the title tells you what you need to know. Now lets look at a title with some pizzazz. “5 Reasons why you can’t live without the New Champion Blender.” This title makes you want to know why you can’t live without it. This blender must be pretty neat if you can’t live without it.

Tip #2 Think about what people search for

The content that you write on your site needs to be about what people are searching for. Most websites are focused on a specific niche in the market. Every niche has keywords or terms that are searched more often than others. For instance, in the SEO world “internet marketing” is searched 19 times more than “search engine marketing”. Both terms mean about the same thing, but using “internet marketing” in different articles will help pull up our site more often than if we used “search engine marketing”.

If you want to maximize your traffic and appeal to actual readers and search engines, use keywords that people are searching  for the most. Do your homework before writing your content.

Tip #3 Give your customers a real deal

You’ve seen sites where they are offering a product or service for a great deal. The normal price was $199 but now the price is $49. Looks like a great deal, but next week the price is still $49. To the customer it doesn’t look like a fantastic deal because the price never really was $199.

It would be better to set the price at $199 and then run a sale for $49. This way customers see that it really is a deal. This is why coupon and deal sites like Groupon do so well. Customers can go to a businesses website and see the real price of a product or service and then go to a deal site and get a “real deal”.

The benefits of using this tactic is you will get some sales at the normal price, but sales will increase even more when it goes on sale.

When creating content for your website use these three tips to increase your readership. You can entice your readers with your catchy title, use keywords or phrases that people are actually searching for and give your customers real deals and not some gimmick.