There is a wide array of SEO tools that can help you improve your website; whether you need to check how you are doing in terms of ranking or want to enhance your keyword usage, there is a tool readily available for you. Maybe you don’t know exactly what you want to monitor, or you are confused about all the features offered by these different tools. Well, here’s a guide to what you need to evaluate when you are looking at SEO software.


Some tools have specific uses, but there are others that give you an all-in-one package of everything you need for your SEO. There are necessary services you need from your SEO software, that includes these features:

Rank Trafficking

This is how you see how your website is ranking on the search engine. It gives you insight into the incline and decline of your ranking, the effects of your latest SEO efforts, and if you are applying your optimization methods properly. Rank trafficking also shows you how your competitors are doing, which ones are above, and which ones are below you, as well as which keywords are helping you and which are not.

Keyword Research

Proper keyword placement and use are key to your website’s fate. It is what makes or breaks your ranking. Lucky for you, most SEO tools already carry this feature. Keyword research is very important, it shows you which keywords have more traffic and which ones will get you the visibility you need. SEO tools with a good keyword research feature will also provide you with keyword suggestions, checks the latest trends, and look at which keywords your competitors are using.

Site Audit

SEO is literally the process of getting your website on a search engine’s top results, you need to make sure that your page’s structure and content fits the criteria. Site auditing is evaluating how search engine friendly your site is. It locates issues that may prevent your website from ranking higher in search engine systems, shows you which technical elements need improving, and has optimization strategies that might help you. A site audit might be one of the most important features you need to get from your SEO tool to increase user accessibility and search visibility.

Content Marketing and Analysis

Google, with the help of AI technology and regular algorithm updates, has raised the content quality standard to make sure that they are providing the most relevant results to searchers. Putting up-to-date, important content has become a top priority to ensure a successful SEO. You want your SEO tool to give you real-time updates on your content’s performance and recommendations. Aside from keywords, the content topic is also a key factor in your website’s standing. You need to produce content about things that people are talking about or curious about and having a tool to help you find out what those are is a big help.


There are free SEO tools you can use that offer all the necessary tools you need for your optimization process. If you just want to get the most basic services, you can opt to get a free SEO tool with all the features you need. But if you want to really get in-depth information and techniques to amp up your search engine ranking then you can get premium products that offer exclusive tools. SEO tools do tend to cost quite a lot and each product price differs from one to another. Before you look at which software you want to weigh, you should analyze what features and tools you need and what matters to you the most. You don’t want to pay extra for a service you don’t even need. Then you can start comparing the prices of your top picks to see which is better. Typically, a cheap SEO software costs around $100 – $150 a month, but more advanced tools can cost up to $30,000 – 1 million dollars a month,

Choosing your SEO Software

We’ve already covered the basic considerations for picking out the best SEO tool that is right for your website’s needs. The features are the most integral part of the process, you want to get a high-functioning tool that helps you get the best value for your money. In the end, it all boils down to what you are prioritizing and how much you are willing to work for your website’s search engine ranking.