Promoting your website to gain more audiences is one of the essential ways to have a successful marketing strategy. Digital marketing has gained popularity throughout the world and its efficiency is really undeniable.

This is one of the things you should prioritize if you want to rank up your website in the virtual world. In order to do this, two primary points should be considered. One is the web design while the other one is the SEO. The collaborative effort of these two elements brings digital marketing to another level.

What are Web Design and SEO?

Web design is an important factor in building your website. These are designs that are incorporated into the website and will be displayed on the internet to be viewed by the users. Web designers are responsible for how your website will look like.

That is why it is very important to work o your web design as a marketing strategy. The better the design is, the more users will be attracted to your website. Included in the design is the appearance of the website such as pictures, the color of the site, and the fonts suitable for your content.

SEO, on the other hand, stands for search engine optimization. It deals with the enhancement of the website through association with search results. It increases the visibility of your website in the search engine so many people can see your website.

So, if your website can be viewed frequently and is more visible in the results, more users will click on your site. This is important in digital marketing since users conduct searches on the internet and this can improve your ranking in the search results.

Here are some of the ways how web design and SEO work together as a pair for digital marketing.

  1. Simple Designs

In ranking up your SEO to attract more users, how you structure your content plays a big role. The way you design your website can affect how high you will end up with the search results. The last thing you want is to post content that is hard to interpret and read by the users.

Poor web design will make it hard for your users to understand what you are trying to say. Consequently, they will leave your site without finding what they were looking for.

Poor design can be a dark background with dark fonts or a light background with a light color of texts. With these kinds of designs, people will find it hard to comprehend the information. In terms of font size, make sure that the font is neither too small nor too hard to read.

  1. Use of Sitemaps

Incorporating sitemaps is crucial in SEO as it increases your chances in getting a higher rank in the search results. The function of sitemaps is to give search engines information about the contents of your website, especially on the most important parts.

Sitemaps will guide the search engine throughout your content so that it can maneuver in the right path. Aside from this advantage, sitemaps can help guide the users in navigation. It is accessible so that people who are new to your site will find it easier to navigate.

  1. Mobile-Friendly website

If you want your website to rank high in search engines, you need to keep mobile friendliness in mind. In 2015, the Google Company decided to have a ranking factor based on mobile-friendliness. By 2017, Google created and introduced its first mobile indexing. With the surging amount of mobile phone users, you need to know how to optimize your website for mobile users.

Otherwise, you are likely to lose half of your users to more mobile-friendly websites. Besides, website designs that are not suitable for mobile devices can lower your rankings in SEO and this could flank your marketing strategy.

  1. Speed of the Website

Did you know that your web design could slow down your website speed? How you design your website will determine the speed of your website. In connection, as the design affects the speed, the speed also affects your SEO. This is one of the reasons for a low ranking.

A website that takes longer to load will hinder users from accessing the site. Consequently, most users lack patience and are more likely to abandon such sites to find other better websites.

If you want to make it faster, try to change your web design by removing things that are not needed. Generally, websites should load within 2 seconds.

  1. Users Approval

Trust is something that is often assumed when running a website. Nevertheless, gaining your user’s trust is essential in helping you rank better. Users always opt for a reliable website that offers a good user experience and information that is easy to understand.

To do this, your website design must be at its best. Your website should be easy to navigate and provide the needed information as fast as possible. This way, your site will gain user’s approval and the visitors will be convinced to leave a good insight about your website. Thus, pulling your ranking higher.

  1. Choice of Code

There are a variety of ways to create your web design using codes. The choice of the coding system to be used should be observed since it can affect your design and later on your SEO. The most used codes include HTML and CSS.

It is advisable to incorporate these codes when making the elements for your site. This is because of their efficiency in optimizing to produce better designs. If you pick the right code, your design will be better and this will increase your level up in the ranking.


Both web design and SEO aids in the promotion of your website and make the users convenient in using it. A great web design means a higher possibility of elevating your ranking in the search engine. It will serve the user with a meaningful search while helping you to be more successful in the business.