Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered one of the most complicated processes to improve a particular website’s overall rank in any search engine. Still, it’s also the most rewarding of all.

Of course, SEO may not seem that difficult, but it sure is a precise method that requires knowledge of how search engine algorithms work.

With that said, this short guide will discuss some of the best SEO techniques for effective marketing. Check them out below.

  1. Search for your competitor’s best websites

As they always say, “keep your friends close but your enemies closer,” a concept that also applies to SEO. In this case, if your competitors’ strategies in SEO are doing pretty well, you might want to follow their examples.

By knowing your competitors’ strategies, you can learn the best way to optimize your website or improve your competitors’ strategies and use them for your own website.

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of featured snippets

Although featured snippets are simple and easy to make, they are vital in making a webpage rank high in a search engine, especially Google.

Featured snippets are excerpts that have been collected from a webpage to answer a user’s query. These featured snippets can either be in the form of a definition, steps, list, or even a table.

  1. Provide a unique and quality title tag for each page of your website

This is a commonly overlooked technique, but it is very crucial in terms of optimizing a website. To increase the optimization of your website even more, you should put a unique title tag for each page of your site.

Providing title tags that are duplicate, poorly written, or even missing title tags can significantly affect your current SEO rank. So, it would be best to review your title tags to make sure none of them are causing your SEO rank to fall.

  1. Optimizing for ‘People Also Ask’

The ‘People Also Ask’ or PPA is a critical feature in most search engines. If you can utilize your website to also appear in the PPA, your website might not just appear once or twice on the first page but a lot more.

In fact, marketers aren’t prioritizing the PPA right now, so this means that you could have an advantage over them at this point.

  1. Remove harmful toxic backlinks

Not all links attached to your website are good links and may even cause you to take a penalty from search engines. Even if backlinks are known to be helpful in terms of raising your rank in a search engine result, they will backfire if they are deemed toxic links.

Here are some examples of toxic links:

  • Links from websites that have been set up solely for linking out
  • Links from websites that are not relevant to your website
  • Links from websites that Google has not indexed
  • Links that are hidden on the website
  • Links that are found on every page of the website

Always try to look out for these toxic links because they will bring your website’s SEO rank down.


Overall, implementing SEO strategies can undoubtedly boost your marketing efforts, especially with more and more businesses turning to online platforms to reach their target markets these days.