Effective social media management goes hand in hand with any Salt Lake City SEO strategy. Essentially the term “social media management” refers to the management of a business’ social media output and input to further its business purpose. This business purpose typically involves marketing but can also involve information campaigns and other types of communications to its potential customers or to the general public. More specifically, the term “social media management” refers to any information that is disbursed by the business through social media (i. e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.) as well as to any information received through social media from the business’ customers or the general public. This articulates the chief difference between traditional marketing and marketing through the use of social media. That is, social media is more of a two way street in terms of the exchange of information between a business and its customers.

The term Salt Lake City SEO refers to any search engine optimization strategy that is localized in the Salt Lake City metro area. Any localized search engine optimization strategy requires an intimate knowledge of the locality in which the strategy is implemented. A localized SEO strategy can be very effective because it focuses in on a specific population and doing so obviously requires a knowledge of what product or service the potential customers within that locality are looking for and what specific search terms they are likely to use when using a search engine to find that product or service. This requires a business executing a localized SEO strategy to have a familiarity with the locality either by being physically located in the locality, performing extensive research on the locality or some combination of the two.

All this is to explain why it is important for any business who sells primarily to a local customer base and is outsourcing their SEO and social media strategy to outsource their search engine optimization and social media management strategy to a business that knows how to implement a localized strategy. In other words, it usually does not make sense for a Salt Lake City business requiring a localized Salt Lake City SEO strategy to outsource their search engine optimization to a SEO business in California (for example). It does makes sense, however, that an search engine optimization business in Salt Lake City would have a better sense of the wants and needs of Salt Lake City customer base than would a business located elsewhere.

The world of digital marketing which includes social media management and search engine optimization is a far different world than was the world of traditional marketing. This is because digital marketing allows a business to zero in on their intended audience very specifically. The reason digital marketing is able to do this is primarily through all the personal data that people provide to social media companies for free on a daily basis. Most people are probably unaware that everything they do on social media is tracked and recorded and then used to channel relevant advertisement back to them. The assumption (I suppose) is that what they get in return for the free social media platforms is worth the exchange.