The days have gone where backlinks and keyword placement alone ensured SEO success. With Google gathering more data, the search results have become timely, more accurate, and personalized. The SEO’s job today is beyond the backlinks and keywords; in fact, it is beyond metadata optimization and content.

The fact is that it depends and focuses on the user experience aiming to deliver at the right time the right information and of course on a timely basis. The important SEO trends as per SEO Salt Lake City on a macro level offers a clear view of the way SEO is heading. You can notice the trends building, thereby indicating an integrated and systematic SEO strategy. To begin with are:

Featured Snippets

Do you know about featured snippets that are at the voice search back? There is an amazing growth displayed by the featured snippets and is apparent across all the devices. Nearly 30% of search queries offer immediate answers as featured snippets.

Featured snippets are stealing almost 10% traffic on the first page from top positions that SEO Utah concentrates a lot. With the structured data growing adoption, the instant answers accuracy importance has become high and the featured snippets are expected in the future to deprive other positions of the traffic.

This trend is rising to new content forms that include content with Q &A. it is optimized to offer short answers even to search queries of long-tail. SEOs pay attention to the content structure and formatting so that Google pulls the content easily for relevant information required for featured snippets.

A Huge Shift to Mobile

Till today, Google is assessing the relevance of a website depending on the user’s desktop page basis. However, with the mobile searches going high it accounts for almost 60% more than the total searches that the ranking system is obsolete. In fact, now experts such as Utah SEO believes that Google will soon roll-out the first index mobile based on the rank pages of the mobile page version.

The shift of Google, the giant algorithmic changes history may turn upside down the rankings of the page. Owing to this there will be accelerated mobile pages increasing to optimize mobile users experience and this includes everything right from page load time to information architecture, navigation, and design.

Focusing User Experience

There is no doubt that the user demands and expectations are growing wide and it does not relate only to the mobile version. Today, the users wish for instant solutions, regardless of the device.

The hard fact is that the sites that load later by three seconds are sure to lose almost 40% visitors. The bottom line completely depends on seconds to ensure success.  Any visitor unable to navigate a site in a few seconds may move away and even if he enters and is unable to understand your content in a glance or a few seconds, you lose traffic.

Thus, SEO Park City insists to have a good user experience from the perspective of an SEO than its speed. It is based on the content readability and navigation. There is a need for a seamless user experience is clarified by Google as it forms an integral part of the ranking system. Thus, this seamless user experience should be for desktop and mobile, assuring a frictionless journey on all the devices.

Intent Optimization

The search results are gaining prominence based on context and time. Google is already doing a lot to integrate AI into the algorithm of the search so that it combines present context (device and location, historical information, and the query intent so that personalized and relevant answer is offered to the user in the quickest time.

In fact, Google also confirmed recently that the ranking factors depend largely on the keyword intent. Prioritization of e-commerce sites will be the main aim of Google than highlighting the major media outlets, though the latter is authoritative. The searcher’s goal is not finding information, but the intent is buying.

Conversely, having keywords with intent finds more information and Google will prioritize media sites that are highly credible. This is the reason that the SEOs are focusing the search query to the intent factor and optimizing the user experience. Thus, you can observe now optimization for keywords is intent-based than content optimization.