The combination of digital marketing and SEO Park City can be a very effective for the purpose of selling products. The term digital marketing is used to describe any type of advertising and selling that is transacted via the internet. This is in contrast to traditional marketing strategies employing such media as print ads, television ads and radio spots for example. Digital marketing is a marked departure from traditional marketing. This is true because marketing on the internet focuses advertisement directly on its intended audience. This is made possible because of the vast amounts of personal data collected by social media from its users.

Digital marketing comes in two basic forms. The first form of digital marketing comes through the social media platforms. Facebook Ads allows advertisers to directly send their ads to a specific group of potential customers. These people are identified based upon all of their recorded on line actions (i.e., likes, clicks, articles looked at etc.) which occurred while using a social media platform. Because digital marketing can be focused in this manner makes it both less expensive and much more effective simultaneously. The second form of digital marketing occurs through the strategy known as search engine optimization (a. k. a. S. E. O.). S.E. O. is concerned with how a person employs a search engine to find a website selling a particular product or service on the internet. When a person uses a search engine, he or she inputs search terms. The search engine then scans the internet for a website which contains content it deems to be “relevant” to those search terms. The search engine then displays a list of websites ordered according to their perceived relevance. Search engine optimization is a strategy designed to make content appear to be more relevant to a search engine. Generally, this can be accomplished by making an educated guess as to what the search engine is likely to look for and then creating content specifically tailored to match this educated guess. This type of SEO Park City is a form of digital marketing because it increases the likelihood that a particular business webpage is seen by a potential purchaser of whatever product or service the website happens to be selling.

It is often the case that digital marketing and SEO Park City are used together. This influences a marketing strategy which targets a customer in two specific ways. First, the potential customer will tend to see advertisements for products or services that are in accordance with his or her particular interests expressed on social media through his or her behavior on the social media platform. Second, the potential customer will be able to find the specific business website that sells the particular product or service he or she is trying to find because the content on that website has been effectively optimized. The use of both strategies will make it more likely that a sale will occur more so than only using one of those strategies by itself.