A key component of any effective Salt Lake City SEO strategy is effective social media management. Essentially, the term “social media management” refers to the management of all the ways a business communicates with its customers via social media platforms. Typically this involves Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, videos posted to YouTube as well as a host of other options. Many businesses both small and large might wonder if their communication with their customers via social media actually requires an active and consistent management. The simple answer to this question is that social media management is very important because it is yet another tool in a business’ marketing toolbox that if properly used can provide a significant edge over a competitor who is not managing their social media communications. Put another way, a business that does not manage their social media communications with their customer base will be at a disadvantage compared to a competing business who does manage their social media.


What specific benefits can social media management provide for a business? The first and most obvious benefit a properly managed social media strategy provides is a consistent message to the customers and potential customers of the business. A consistent message is far more effective in terms of generating leads and sales than a confusing message. This just makes logical sense. The second benefit derived from a properly managed social media campaign is that the business will receive feedback from its customer and potential customer base. This feedback can be an invaluable source of information because knowing what the customer wants makes it easier for that business to service that need. This feedback can be in the form of direct communications with customers via social media and it can also be in the form of monitoring and responding to third party reviews on websites such as Yelp.

An effectively managed social media campaign can also assist a business by using social media platforms to augment the effectiveness of a business’ existing marketing initiatives. There are many different ways this can happen. For example social media can link to a business’ web sites. Through Salt Lake City SEO, social media management will strengthen search engine marketing campaigns. Contact management systems, email marketing and offline marketing can all be integrated through an effective social media management campaign as well.

Social media is more important now than ever to spread the word about a business’ product or service to its unique customer base. What makes social media particularly effective is that it can communicate the message of a business too the possibly unique population of customers who may want that particular product or service. Not only is social media marketing much more accurate and effective in this regard but it is also significantly more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising such as print, television and radio spots. It is for all these reasons that any business who neglects social media management as a marketing strategy will likely have a hard time competing with a business who does employ this strategy.