Many Salt Lake City SEO campaigns employ a model of internet advertising known as PPC or Pay Per Click. This type of digital marketing is used to channel internet traffic (i.e., the attention of people using the internet) to specific websites. Obviously, the ultimate intention is to receive a response (typically a purchase) from this person. In the PPC model an advertiser will place an advertisement on a website and then pay the website owner every time the advertisement is clicked. Clicking on the advertisement will connect to another webpage where a product or service can be purchased. Usually this type of advertisement is in the form of a banner add but it also commonly appears on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. When PPC is used on social media the advertiser would pay the social platform every time the add is clicked by a person using the internet. The PPC model can be abused by paying people who have no intent to purchase the product or service being sold by the advertisement to click on the advertisement. Automated web bots can be used for this purpose as well. Search engines such as Google are on the look out for this type of abuse, however, and have created structures to identify when this type of “click fraud” is occurring. Obviously no system can be one hundred percent efficient in this regard.

Pay per click and other metrics are used by advertisers to measure how cost effective a particular advertisement is. Often advertisers will employ multiple, similar advertisements and then use the pay per click metric to assess how effective each add is. The ads with the higher PPC ratios are then dialed up or duplicated and the the ads with the lower PPC ration are then dialed down or shut off completely. This has the effect of making digital marketing far more effective and cheaper than traditional forms of advertisement such as print ads, television, radio and billboards.

Salt Lake City SEO by contrast, is a series of techniques employed to increase the visibility of a specific webpage within the organic results of a search engine’s listings. A webpage with increased visibility will appear higher (towards the top of the list) in the list of webpages generated by a search engine in response to a search. The organic results are the list of webpages generated that are not paid for. Typically organic results appear in the center of the screen whereas the paid results appear at the top of the screen or in the right hand column. There are many techniques use to increase the SEO value of a particular webpage. Sometimes this involves manipulating the content that appears on the webpage itself. Sometimes it involves creating different webpages with links that refer back to the original webpage. Sometimes this involves other more complicated techniques as well. A professional SEO company would be in a position to employ all these techniques as well as remain on the cutting edge of Salt Lake City SEO techniques as they do involve over time. The upshot of all this is that SEO and PPC can be used in concert in order to achieve the ultimate goal which is usually the sale of a product or service.