Much can be said on the subject of Salt Lake City SEO and local search optimization however, very little will actually said on the subject in this blog post. The simple explanation for this deficit of information is that I (the content creator) am not very knowledgeable on either subject. As my loyal readers can attest, it is a precept of mine to be very honest with my audience. That is why I shall be very up front with you (gentle reader) as to this issue. In other words I will not pretend to know something when I do not simply to create enough content to embed keywords and backlinks in this blog post.


Sure I could bang out some content on either subject. Any halfway competent content creator could do the same with a minimal amount of research. Google is at my finger tips after all. For example, I could write a paragraph or more describing the very basics of search engine optimization, explaining how embedded keywords and backlinks can be used to optimize the content of another website to which the backlinks refer. I could also toot Barking Frog SEO’s horn by describing how it excels in local search optimization in the Salt Lake City and Park City areas because it is intimately familiar with both locales. But I will not do either of those things in this blog post because I have too much respect for my readers.

So then, what shall we discuss if we are not going to discuss the subjects of Salt Lake City SEO and local search optimization? I will tell you what we are going to discuss and I will not (by any means) beat around the bush about it. As I mentioned in the last sentence of the previous paragraph I have far too much respect for my loyal readers to have them read a blog post where I pad out the writing simply to reach some word count goal. Yes indeed, I have far too much respect for you. It is for this very reason that I will get right to the point. As I am well aware that you are very busy and your time is precious. Indeed, our time on this earth is finite and short and none of us (myself included) have the luxury of wasting time reading (or writing) a blog post that is uninformative, rambling and without a purpose.

But when you think about it nothing really has a purpose in life in an objective sense. It is not like meaning exists “out there” and independent of the mind of man. No, things only have the meaning and purpose that we choose to invest them with. This does not make things meaningless, however. If we invest them with subjective meaning then they have that meaning to us. However, it is important to be conscious of the fact that we are the ones investing these things with meaning. Otherwise we shall be living in an illusion. And so gentle reader I invite you to invest this blog post with whatever meaning you care to invest it with and that will be the subject of our discussion here.