I write content for several clients including a Salt Lake City SEO business concern. This one client in particular created a nice stream of supplementary income for a stretch of time. Although it is always a good thing to have a steady source of work there is a danger here in that it can become easy to rely on that one source of work and income to the detriment of looking for and cultivating new sources. As the old adage tells us “all good things must come to an end.” Accordingly, all freelance content creators should diversify their sources of work and income. Not doing so can be a dicey proposition.

Work comes in ebbs and flows. That is, sometimes I have more work than I need and I have to deal with the stress of managing it all. On the other hand, sometimes multiple sources of work shut down simultaneously leaving me in a dry spell. Ideally, I would like to have just as much work as I can handle from a diversified source of clients. By diversified, I not only mean multiple clients at any given point in time but also a steady rotation of clients such that as old clients drop off new clients come on board. Of course this is the ideal and it is easier said than done but that is the goal anyway.


No matter how meticulous I plan my work flow I will inevitably experience dry spells. The question then becomes, what should I be doing during this dry spell to best position myself to re-cultivate my work flow to the optimal level? A couple of strategies based on personal experience readily come to mind.

First of all, I should take action to find new clients. I have landed writing gigs through word of mouth and personal contacts. I have also landed writing gigs through job boards like www.indeed.com and websites like www.freelancer.com. As I said, it is a good idea to put feelers out in all directions even when times are good so that the opportunities will be there when the pendulum swings back in the other direction. Of course when in the midst of a dry spell the putting out of feelers should naturally intensify.

Secondly, I should not let my skills diminish. When Salt Lake City SEO content marketing work (for example) is plentiful I am naturally flexing my content creation muscle through my daily work. This compounds upon itself because being paid is a natural motivator to perform the action in which I want to become more skilled. On the other hand, not being paid ads an element of de-motivation. Accordingly, when work dries up there is a tendency to not write as much which then allows the content creation muscle to atrophy. For this reason I have found it to be important to continue writing even when in the midst of a dry spell to prevent this from happening.

Finally, I have found that it is important to remain calm. New projects tend to materialize just when I need them most. I should also continuously cultivate gratitude for the opportunities that I have and have had. I should also take advantage of the dry spell to work on those projects I have been putting off because I did not have enough time or mental energy to work on them.