Salt Lake City SEO is a particularly difficult keyword to blend seamlessly into the content of a blog post. If I had my druthers I would rather employ a phrase such as SEO in Salt Lake City or some such. It does not seem however that my superiors who have tasked me with writing this post care so much about the readability of this post. Rather their main interest is in the search engine optimization value that this post will have for their website. This, however, does not mean that I (the content creator) do not have to care about the readability of this blog post.

The Readability of Digital Marketing Content

This dynamic comes up all the time in content creation. The dynamic I speak of is in trying to balance the requirements of Salt Lake City SEO (have to get that key word in) and the quality of the content that is being optimized. Part of creating quality content is that the content is both informative and is well written. Sometimes, however, when the key words are particularly unwieldy as in they are in this blog post it becomes next to impossible to write content that reads in a natural fashion.

This then requires the content creator to make certain compromises. Obviously the content must be written and it must be proper optimized. If the content is not properly optimized then nobody will ever see it and if no one ever sees the content it is effectively useless. On the other hand, if the content reads like spam it will likely have the effect of turning the reader off which makes the Salt Lake City SEO effectively useless. Of course the solution lies in threading this needle. That is, the content creator is tasked with writing content with as much quality as possible within the constraints imposed by the search engine optimization techniques that he or she is employing.

Key words are designed to match the likely search terms people will use when using a search engine to find a business that provides a particular product or service. Obviously the key word Salt Lake City SEO has been designed to match the likely search term people will use when looking for a business in Salt Lake City that provides SEO services. The reason why the key word is not SEO in Salt Lake City is because a person using a search engine is less likely to use that combination of words to find this kind of business. In a sense, fitting these keywords into content is a bit like hammering a square peg into a round hole. This suggest that the entire architecture of this system is ill designed. This, in turn, suggests that a more elegant solution exists and will be employed at some point in the future. At present it is unclear what this solution would look like exactly but I suspect it would not involve search engines looking for written content relevant to a web surfer’s search terms in the manner in which they currently do.