In the world of digital marketing and search engine optimization ( SEO Park City ) content creation serves two vital purposes. The first purpose of creating content is to provide useful information to the person reading the content. The second purpose is to create a template in which to embed specific key words and links. Both purposes are designed to attract viewership of the content although the reasons behind these purposes may ultimately differ.

The first purpose of content creation is simply to create useful content. This purpose is self evident. Even people who are not well versed in the world of SEO know that content which provides an answer to their question or delivers the entertainment they are looking for is content that they will read. They may not be fully aware that the content is also serving other purposes such as directing them to other websites or getting them to view advertisements on the same page. Certainly people who are knowledgeable in SEO Park City realize that content containing useful information is valuable in that it attracts readers who may be looking for that specific information.

The second purpose of content creation is to create a template for the purpose of embedding key words and links. This purpose is probably not self evident to most consumers of online content. This purpose is designed to make content appear more relevant to search engines and thus higher ranked in search engine listings. This in turn makes it more likely that the content will be seen.

Often times, however, the content of one website is designed to optimize the content of another website. For example, one way “spiders” or “web crawlers” employed by search engines assess the relevancy of websites is by counting the number of links that point to a particular website. The assumption is that a website containing specific keywords with the most referring links will be more relevant and therefore appear higher in the search engine listings when those particular key words are used in a search.

Normally online content tends to serve both purposes. That is, the content is both informative or entertaining to a potential reader but is also crafted in such a way to either optimize its own content or the content of another website. Sometimes content is created specifically only to serve one of these purposes. Certainly content that is created solely to be informative is useful but if it is not properly optimized it is unlikely to attract a large audience. On the other hand, content that is created solely for the purpose of optimizing other content can often appear to be spam and if identified by search engine spiders as spam can potentially de-optimize the content it intended to optimize. Accordingly, the most successful content in terms of attracting viewership will serve both purposes.

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