PPC and SEO Salt Lake City are the keywords for this blog post. It is important that the keywords not only appear in the title but also the first sentence of the blog post. Search engines naturally assign a greater search engine optimization value to keywords appearing in these positions. This makes sense because if a particular keyword appears in the title and the first sentence there is a pretty good chance that the keyword is strongly connected with the subject of the content and therefore relevant to a search using those keywords as search terms.

But the value of keywords located in the title and first sentence of the online content is not really the “meat and potatoes” of this blog post. Nor does the meat and potatoes of this blog post center around seamlessly embedding the keywords within the content so that they do not stand out awkwardly to the reader. We have covered that subject numerous times in this blog and there is no need to go over it again here. Nor does the meat and potatoes of this blog post center around padding the word count of the content out to five hundred words. This too has been covered in previous blog posts as well.


Now that we have covered what the meat and potatoes of this blog post will NOT be let us begin the process of considering just what the meat and potatoes of PPC SEO Salt Lake City actually are. First of all, let us agree that it is no small task to formulate the subject of a blog post and then to create content that is both informative and valuable but also meets all the search engine optimization requirements necessary for it to serve its SEO purposes.

For example, the specific SEO purposes this blog post has been written to achieve are to optimize the Barking Frog SEOwebsite. This is not only achieved through the use of the embedded keywords of PPC and SEO Salt Lake City but also through the use of embedded links both to the home page of the Barking Frog SEO website as well as the other category pages of the website. These links optimize the content of the home page because search engines consider links pointing to websites associated with relevant keywords to indicate that the page referred to is relevant to those search terms.

Therefore, in order for this blog post to serve its search engine optimization purposes it must artfully embed both the keywords and the links within its content. It must do this artfully because if it is not done artfully the content will appear to be spam. Now the content can still achieve its search engine optimization objectives and appear like spam to a human reader so long as it does not appear to be spam to the search engine algorithms. It is the artful achievement of these search engine optimization objectives that is the meat and potatoes of this blog post.