The goal of Park City SEO the is to get an internet user who is interested in a business’ particular product or service to see that business’ webpage organically. Organic search engine listings are those listings which appear solely resulting from the relevance of the content found on the webpage to the key words or search terms used in the search engine. Another way for a website to appear in the search engine listings is through paid advertisements. Paying for a search engine advertisement will automatically optimize a website in a search engine listing. Typically, paid advertisements appear on the top or side of a screen relative to the organic results which appear in the middle of the page. One of the most common models for paid advertisement is PPC or “pay-per-click”.   Essentially, PPC is an internet marketing model where advertisers will pay a fee for every time an internet user actually clicks on their advertisement.


The way the PPC model works (as opposed to the Park City SEO model) is relatively straight forward. Basically, when a search engine user performs a search using terms which relate to the website being advertised the website’s link is displayed prominently on the top or side of search engine results. If the search engine user then clicks on this link a small fee is paid to the search engine. Obviously, a properly designed PPC campaign will generate more in sales than the fee for the advertisement. In fact, the way search engines operate, the more relevant an advertisement is to a particular search term (that is, the more clicks it receives) the less a search engine will charge per click. The logic behind this is that search engines want to provide relevant content to the search engine users. Therefore, the more relevant an advertisement is the more the search engine is inclined to reward the creator of that content.


Park City SEO techniques can be used in any on line content. Paid advertisement typically occurs on specific platforms. There are many platforms where PPC advertising can occur. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo use this model. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube do as well. However, by far the most used platform for PPC advertisements is Google AdWords. When a business pays for a PPC advertisement on Google AdWords it bids or sets a dollar amount for a particular set of key words it believes are relevant to the business. When a user of the search engine uses those key words Google selects advertisers who have bid on those key words to appear prominently on the page displaying the results of the search. According to this model the advertisers who bid more for the key word will appear more often as a result of a search using those particular key words. There are other factors besides the amount of the bid that will influence whether an advertisement is chosen by Google to appear in a search engine results. These factors vary from platform to platform but generally relate to the relevance of the content to the search terms employed as well as the quality of said content.