Based on personal experience I think personality has a lot to do with being able to create content both for the purposes of Salt Lake City SEO and otherwise. This opinion is not based on scientific study but rather on self observation which I have then projected onto other hypothetical people. It seems correct to me subjectively but who knows how accurate it is objectively. So take it for what it is worth.


I suspect people who have an ability to create content with relative ease share certain personality traits. First of all, they have to be comfortable (at least to a certain extent) in their own skin. I say this because in my experience self-doubt, anxiety, depression and even the emotional aftermath resulting from conflict with other people tends to get in the way of the creative process. I find that I do my best work when these types of issues are not in the forefront of my mind. Second of all, they probably have a sense of humor. This is especially true when writing content for the purposes of Salt Lake City SEO. This is true because writing search engine optimized content requires content creators to make certain artistic compromises. As such, people with no sense of humor might have a problem with this and this psychological problem would then work to block the creative process. Whereas people with a sense of humor will be able to brush that problem aside. In all likelihood their sense of humor will allow them to work with this tension to actually fuel the creative process. Finally, people who have the ability to create content with ease in all likelihood have a faith in a higher power. They have to because any self-analysis will reveal that the ideas which spring forth in the mind come from an unknown place. The content creator however has faith that they will keep on coming partly because they have come consistently in the past but also because of some intangible other reason. This faith on the surface level seems like a faith in one’s own personal abilities. But upon deeper reflection the realization sets in that the content creator has no real control over this process. But there still remains a comfort level that the muses who deliver these ideas will continue to make their deliveries.

The realization that the ideas which are generated through the process of content creation are not really the work of the content creator has to engender a sense of gratitude. This is the only helpful response on behalf of the content creator because to react negatively (with resentment for example) would only work to block the creative process. Content creators know that they do have a role to play. For whatever reason they are blessed with the ability to tap into this cosmic reservoir of creativity. Clearly not everyone has this ability and in this sense it is another unique quality that a content creator must have.