Any successful content creator will tell you that in order to attract a loyal and substantial audience it is important to define your SEO Park City niche. A niche is a subject area that is sufficiently narrowly tailored in order to (1) make your content unique and stand out from the rest of the crowd and (2) actually provide practical and useful content to a specific audience. If a niche or subject area is too broad then the content will tend to also be very general and therefore it will not stand out from all the other available content nor will it tend to be specifically usable by its intended audience. By contrast, when a niche is specific enough it will attract an audience who is specifically looking for that type of information because they will notice it and find it useful. In this way, not only is the audience attracted but it will likely become a loyal audience as well. I suppose it is possible to pick a niche that is too narrowly tailored such that it will not appeal to any audience but in my experience it is definitely better to err on the side of narrowing the niche than widening it.


Let us take (for example) the niche of SEO Park City. Not only is this a convenient niche to select because it happens to be the search engine optimization key word for this article (and therefore gives me an excuse to repeat it the number of times I need to for SEO purposes) but it also happens to be a pretty specific area to focus on. Obviously the subject area of search engine optimization is pretty broad and will appeal to a wide audience. It will also have to compete with all the other content out there on the subject of search engine optimization. Believe me, there is a lot out there. However, if we narrow this subject by confining it to the physical location of Park City, Utah we just might find that we have tapped into an audience that is ready and eager for this specific type of information. There might be specific information that is uniquely helpful to an audience that is interested in optimizing their Park City specific content. Certainly, this specific type of SEO information will not be addressed in other content pertaining to SEO more broadly.

Of course, once the niche has been selected it is important to provide content that is actually helpful, interesting and useful to the audience. It would be a waste of a perfectly good niche to do otherwise. One can easily picture a person finding a website that purports to provide the specific information they are looking for only to be disappointed upon further investigation of the actual content. The name of the game in high quality content creation is both attracting and keeping a loyal audience. This can only be accomplished by providing value which means informative, entertaining or otherwise useful content.