Meditation can be a powerful practice to enhance the ability to create content. Some people unfamiliar with meditation might be turned off by this suggestion because they might think starting a meditation practice would require more time and effort than they are willing to expend. Or perhaps they might think that meditation is somehow incompatible with their personality or world view. Park City SEO

Meditation is Simple and for Everyone

If that sounds familiar to you, please allow me to dispel both of these false assumptions. A successful meditation practice really only requires twenty minutes a day to be effective and a new practitioner can start out with smaller time increments and slowly work themselves up to this target. So it is really not a big time commitment. As for effort, meditation can seem uncomfortable at first but like all unfamiliar practices it becomes easier and more comfortable over time. I typically meditate while walking and for some reason accomplishing two things at once make it easier and motivates me to be consistent with my practice. As for the belief that meditation is incompatible with one’s personality or world view, I would say that meditation is compatible will all personalities and world views. It would be difficult for me to explain why I think this is true in a blog post, however, I invite you to give it a try and see for yourself.

How to Meditate

There are many different meditation techniques but for our purposes I would like to keep this very simple. First, set a timer for twenty minutes (or however long you intend to meditate) and find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed. As I said, I meditate while walking but to start I would suggest sitting to get used to the process. Second, start the timer and close your eyes. Focus your attention on your breathing or anything else you chose to focus on. Third, when your mind starts to wander (and it will) gently, without judging yourself, bring your mind back to your object of focus. That is it. When the timer starts beeping you are done. I would emphasize that it is important to be consistent in your practice to obtain the long term benefits. Try to do it every day for thirty days straight. I have found thirty days to be the right amount of time to build a consistent habit.

Meditation and Content Creation

As I said, when you meditate you will start to notice that your mind will automatically wander. However, the more you meditate the more you will be able to maintain your focus. In my experience this suggests two things. First of all, your mind is not entirely or even mostly under your control most of the time. Second of all, the decision to focus and the choice of what to focus on is a rare and precious thing. Next time I will discuss the mechanics of why an awareness of these two concepts will augment the content creation process. For now just know that it is my strong belief based on personal experience that this is the case.