In my last Salt Lake City SEO blog post I talked about how during the course of meditation the practitioner will notice their mind naturally begins to wander. This happens without any effort on the part of the practitioner. I mentioned that in my own experience this suggests two things. First of all, the mind is not entirely or even mostly under the practitioner’s control most of the time. Secondly, the decision to focus and the choice of what to focus on is a rare and precious thing. In this blog post I would like to explore the mechanics as to how an awareness of these two concepts will augment the content creation process. Keep in mind that anything I talk about here is merely a reflection of my own experience and should only be taken in that light.

Meditation for Salt Lake City SEO

The realization that the mind is not entirely under one’s control is a tremendous boon for a content creator. This is true because it takes the pressure off. If a content creator knows that a stream of ideas will automatically flow through his mind then he will not have to expend the energy to create the ideas. In fact, trying to create ideas is a literally a waste of energy because expending energy will do nothing to aid the process. Rather, a content creator lets the ideas come to him and he selects the ones he wants from amidst the flow. He can certainly guide the flow in a specific direction but this is quite different than trying to create an idea out of nothing.

This naturally leads into the second concept which is for the content creator to realize the importance of where to focus his attention. In the final analysis this is all anyone can really do and as such focusing attention is how the content creator arrives at the ideas he is searching for. For example, in coming up with the content for this particular blog post I chose to focus my attention on this subject area and my natural flow of ideas began to populate my mind. The populated my mind flavored (if you will) by the focus of my attention. I then paid attention to the ideas that arose and made use of the ones that I thought best articulates the gist of the content. I must re-emphasize that in this process I am not forcing ideas to occur. That is impossible. But I can guide the flow of ideas and then select the ones I want. This requires much less effort and produces a much better result for the purposes of SEO companies in Salt Lake City.

Of course then there is some effort involved in putting the ideas together in a coherent and eloquent manner. But that is in a sense the easy part. The work of generating the raw content has already been accomplished. In short the ideas come naturally. The effort in content creation is properly placed in arranging and crafting the ideas after the fact.