SEO Salt Lake City

It is high time that we wrote a blog post about local search optimization and Park City SEO for our most loyal readers. For a while now the Barking Frog SEO Blog mail room has been flooded with requests for a post on this very topic. And as the loyal readers of this blog can attest it is our most cherished policy to cater to the wants and desires of all our readers. Our motivation behind this policy is simple. We like to think that if it were not for our loyal readership this blog would not be in existence.



It should be noted that we have discussed both of these topics in prior separate blog posts. We just have not (to our knowledge) discussed both of them together in one blog post. Although we are not entirely sure as to the reason that our readership has requested these two topics together be the subject of a single blog post we probably can speculate with some degree of accuracy. For example, the simple fact that they have not been the subject of a single blog post could very well be the reason our readership so desperately desires this pairing. There may be other reasons as well but delving into them is not the subject of this particular blog post.

If a reader has made it this far in the blog post, congratulations. Although the substance of this blog post does not really concern the twin subjects it professes to concern, this lack of concern came about strictly by design. If you have consistently read the other posts on this blog (and the assumption is that if you are flesh and blood you have not) by this point you should have realized that this blog post was written primarily for the benefit of search engine web bots. That is, by embedding the keywords of local search optimization and Park City SEO with links to a category page and the Barking Frog SEO home page we have optimized (to a certain extent) the content of those particular pages. The strategy behind this is to make those pages appear to be more relevant to the search engines and hopefully appear higher in the search results when those keywords are used as search terms in the search engines. By the way, a Google search of “Park City SEO” does reveal that the Barking Frog SEO website appears at the top of the list. This would imply that the sum total of all our SEO strategies have succeeded.

Accordingly, this blog post does serve a purpose over and above its search engine optimization purposes. This purpose to which I refer is that it serves to demonstrate the effectiveness of Barking Frog SEO’s search engine optimization abilities. To a certain extent, without this blog and its loyal readers (by which I primarily mean search engines’ web bots) this blog would not be in existence as I pointed out in the first paragraph.