The key words are Park City SEO and digital marketing for this blog post. Once again, I want to be perfectly honest with my loyal readers. I do not want them to think that I am trying to pull a fast one on them by fitting these keywords into the content without them knowing about it. The simple truth is that it is kind of difficult to fit in Park City SEO into a paragraph of content without it sounding forced. But at the same time this is the task that I have been assigned and if I want to get paid I have to execute my assignment. Therein lies the rub of it.


Of course the reason that I have been assigned the task of fitting this keyword into the content I write is to optimize the Barkingfrog SEO website. In other words when the words Park City SEO are used as search terms in a search engine because I have optimized this content using those search terms as keywords it becomes more likely that the link for the BarkingFrog SEO website will appear closer to the top of the organic search results. The “organic results” are to be contrasted with the paid results that generally appear at the top or right side of the search results. Paid results receive their place of prominence (obviously) because someone paid for that privilege.

As I have touched on many times before, it is not at all my intention or desire to create spam content. I do not think my employer wants me to do this either. On the other hand it becomes difficult week after week to come up with legitimate content revolving around these same key words. For this reason I have to write content that sort of pushes the envelope in terms of relating to the key words. But as I said I do not want this content to be spam or devoid of value.

There are two primary ways that I think I can create valuable content within this context. The first is to describe my experience in writing content combined with search engine optimization and the struggle involved with managing the balance between the two. I can imagine that some other person who happens to be a content creator and also happens to read this blog might find that useful. The second way I can provide valuable content is by adding a touch of humor to what I write. I suspect a reader of this content would understand that I am sort of writing tongue in cheek when I discuss the keywords I have to work with when writing this content. Usually the keywords are embedded without drawing attention to them. By drawing attention to them I am turning this concept on its head. This, by the way, is another way to instruct in terms of content creation in that it demonstrates a different take a person could have when creating content.