Any faithful reader of this blog is likely to be well aware that there is no end to the number of blog posts that can be written on the subject of SEO Park City as a key word. For example, this key word can be used in conjunction with many other key words such as PPC, Digital Marketing or any other topic. Moreover, the key words need not have anything to do with the actual topic of the article. The real issue at stake when writing an article such as this is how to fit the key word into the content such that it reads (at least) somewhat natural. This can be quite the conundrum at times.


1:  a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun (as in “Why didn’t the lost hikers starve in the desert? Because of the sand which is there.”)

2:  a question or problem having only a conjectural answer… the political conundrums involved, particularly the problem of how the richer areas … can be made to subsidize the poorer. — Douglass Caterb :  an intricate and difficult problem He is faced with the conundrum of trying to find a job without having experience.


How does embedding the key word SEO Park City into content create a conundrum? It is not so much a riddle involving a pun. It seems to be more like a question or a problem having only a conjectural answer. It fits this secondary definition in that SEO Park City as a key word is “clunky” to say the least which makes it difficult to naturally embed within a web page’s content. This clunkiness creates a conundrum because embedding the key word into content requires the creator of said content to make a concession as to the quality of the writing.

Key words are a necessary element to SEO Park City. This is true because when a person uses a search engine he or she must enter search terms which the search engine uses to find relevant websites. Obviously one of the most important factors in determining relevance is the presence of the search terms within a web page’s content. When found within the content these words are now called key words. There are, of course, other factors search engines use to determine relevance but for the purposes of this article we need only focus on the search terms and key words.

The SEO Park City value of the key words is high. As such the key words must be present in the content if the writer of the content wants the content to be considered relevant by the search engine. Therefore, it does not really matter that the key word is embedded naturally so much that it is embedded in the first place. Although content which reads naturally is also important because content that appears to be spam will likely have the opposite of the desired effect in terms of search engine optimization. Accordingly, managing this conundrum is a task unique to content creation.


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