As the title to this blog post tells us, SEO Salt Lake City and Social Media Management are the keywords for the content of this blog post. I feel it is my duty to my loyal readers to be very up front about this fact. For if I simply tried to slip these keywords into the content without your knowledge that would make me feel (at least on some small level) a bit deceitful. And of course, I see it as my responsibility (at least to a certain extent) to bridge this gap that exists in the world of search engine optimization content writing. The gap of which I speak is the gap that exists between creating quality content for the sake of the content and optimizing that content so that people will actually read it.


In a sense this blog (ever since I started writing for it anyway) has been an investigation as to whether it is possible to bridge this gap or whether it is in fact a fool’s errand. One might reasonably wonder whether it even matters in the first place that this gap ever be bridged. After all, what is really at stake here? It is not like the world will end if the quality of the content on some blog is compromised in order to fit in SEO Salt Lake City as the key word. On the other hand, the Steve Spielberg movie “Schindler’s List” comes to mind. In the movie (as best I can recall) the protagonist Oscar Schindler is told by one of the Jews whom he saved from Nazi extermination that, “when you save the life of one person you save the world entire.” Now I am quoting this statement from memory so the words might not be exactly correct, however, the gist of the statement is very correct. In other words, the act of saving one person is as important or carries with it the same impact on the spiritual level as saving the entire world. In the same way when a content creator such as myself is concerned with the honesty and quality of his content in one blog post, on the spiritual level he is concerned with the honesty and quality of all content. This is true (I would imagine) even if the content was never read by anyone except web bots. Which I suspect is the case with this blog.

The universe is a complicated place and questions such as these are never easily answered. If they are easily answered then we become suspicious as to whether the answer is true. But on the other side of the coin, there is a certain sense of disappointment associated with the realization that these questions cannot be easily answered. Perhaps the true nature of this existence is to abide in this gray limbo. Perhaps we (by which I mean “I”) must accept the truth of this situation and become comfortable with the fact that I will never fit SEO Salt Lake City into a sentence and have it read non-awkwardly.