The terms SEO Park City and Digital Marketing go hand in hand. If a third hand were to get thrown into the mix it would be the Internet of Things. When  people think about these three terms as they relate to the future some people are very optimistic about the possibilities while others are extremely pessimistic. People are optimistic in that these forces present opportunities for business, efficiency and automation. Whereas other people are pessimistic in that all these forces will work as disruptions  to the workforce as various jobs are made obsolete by the very efficiencies the optimistic people are optimistic about.

Whether you fall into the optimistic camp or the pessimistic camp, make no mistake these changes are coming in the very near future. Accordingly it would be best for everyone to consider their present job and whether it will still exist ten years from now. If your job is one of those that will likely be eliminated by these new technologies, now is a good time to prepare to face those changes and to take appropriate steps to protect yourself if necessary.

When we talk about the Internet of Things what we are talking about is the connection to the internet of all manner of physical objects including but not limited to computers, household appliances and even cars and houses. The connection of all these devices to the internet means that they can communicate with each other by exchanging information. It is in this exchange of information (in combination with automation and advances in artificial intelligence) that will give rise to the efficiencies which will make many kinds of human labor obsolete.

One of the best examples of this is how digital marketing (that is, the selling of products through the internet) has caused many traditional brick and mortal stores to go out of business. is the best example of a digital marketing platform that has created this very type of disruptive force. Another disruptive force on the horizon are self driving cars. Think of all the taxi drivers who have been displaced by Uber drivers. Think of all the Uber drivers who will in turn be replaced by self driving cars. But also think about how many car accidents will be avoided through the broader use of self driving cars.

It is a mixed bag. There will be positive aspects to these changes and there will be negative aspects as well. There will be winners and there will be losers. But those who refuse to adapt to this changing environment will be left behind. Even SEO Park City has a disruptive force. Think of all the print marketing, television ads and radio spots that have been displaced by digital marketing that employs search engine optimization as a means of finding the unique customers who will use whatever unique product or service that particular advertisement is intended for. SEO Park City can accomplish this task far more accurately and effectively than can those traditional and dare I say arcane advertising forms.