This article is more about Facebook ads and less about Park City SEO. The latter happens to be the keyword for the article which is why it features prominently in the title and the first sentence of the blog post. It is also the reason why you will see this keyword(s) appear a few other times in this article. With any luck I will be able to seamlessly integrate them into the content. But I cannot make any guarantees as far as that goes. Consider this explanatory paragraph a practical lesson in SEO practice! You are welcome!


There really is no connection between the two that I want to discuss in this blog post. But again, for SEO purposes it is more effective to have the keyword appear in multiple contexts (e.g., within the text of a paragraph and in a heading). What I do want to talk about is how brilliant the Facebook ads platform is. I am writing from the perspective of a person who has recently had to delve into that world for the first time.

Up until this point I have been a casual user of Facebook. I have a page and I post every now and then. I check out other posts from time to time. But other than that I really am not what I would consider a heavy user. What I have come to realize is that my level of use gives Facebook a ton of information on me in terms of what I might be more likely to be interested in. This is important information and believe me when I tell you that Facebook is keeping track of everyone’s interaction with the platform down to the most minute level.

This is how Facebook makes a profit. Millions of people such as myself and other users who engage with Facebook more or less intensely all give Facebook free demographic information. This includes everything from where that person lives, their sex, what they click on, what time they click on it, what they like and so many other things. With all this demographic information Facebook allows people or businesses to purchase ad space that can then be targeted to the populations of Facebook users that are most likely to react favorably to it.

This is quite a revolution. Advertising (written from a person who has no background in advertising) used to be a medium where an ad was placed in a magazine or on television and the hope was that someone else who would react favorably to the ad might see it at some point in the future. But now with social media and in particular Facebook, ads can be specifically directed towards the people they are intended to influence. This makes advertising way more powerful and it makes Facebook very, very profitable in the bargain. Park City SEO.

What makes this whole system so brilliant is that people willingly hand over this personal information for free and in vast quantities. I am not sure if this was the idea behind Facebook from the beginning. I suspect not (based on watching “The Social Network” and no other research). It seems to me that Facebook was originally created as a place where people could share information and communicate. The advertising aspect of Facebook seems to have come along afterwards but once it did, this behind the scenes world where advertisements can be directed to very specific groups of people revealed itself.

It is in a sense like all artistic creations. The thing that eventually manifests seems to have been there all along. It only reveals itself to its creator as he works on it.