What is the connection between SEO Park City and the metaphysical concepts of essentialism and nominalism? Before we answer that question let us first define these metaphysical concepts so that we are all on the same page. Metaphysical Essentialism refers to the philosophical position that all things which exist in reality have an internal essence which defines it independent of how it has come to be labeled by man subsequently. In other words trees (for example) have a “treeness” about them. They are not trees simply because we choose to call them trees from the essentialist perspective. By contrast, Metaphysical Nominalism refers to the philosophical position that rejects essentialism. No object possess this unproven “essence” and things within our reality relate to one another only as we choose to label and relate them.


When writing content for the purposes of SEO Park City (or any other city for that matter) one must perform a balancing act between the integrity of the content and the search engine optimization goals it is seeking to achieve. Sometimes the content is intended to be of value to the reader. Sometime there really is no reader (at least no human reader) expected to ever see the content. In addition the content creator must also balance how the content is written. For example, search engine optimization requires that keywords appear with a certain frequency and in certain places. The challenge is for the content creator to create something artful while working within these parameters.

When content creation is viewed through the lens of metaphysics some interesting observations may be made. I suppose the Essentialist would look at the content creator’s balancing act and say that the content has an essence to it and that the search engine optimization aspect is merely a variation on that essence. The variation may be a corruption of the original essence or it might be merely a benign outgrowth. By contrast, I suppose the Nominalist would say that the content and the search engine optimization are separate “things” that are only related because they have been labeled and associated with each other in the mind of a person observing them. But this association has no actual existence in the real world. Notice how the Essentialist perspective carries with it a moralistic tone. That is, there is the implication of a sin involved in the combination of content and search engine optimization. Whereas according to the Nominalist the moral element is missing and man is free to combine content and search engine optimization as well as otherwise create his world to suit his will. Sin to the Nominalist is simply another label that man has affixed to something in his mind.

Finally, it is interesting to note that one might determine which camp he belongs to (that is, Essentialist or Nominalist) by observing his feelings when considering the balancing act. If he feels uneasy about corrupting content through the use of SEO Park City, he is probably an Essentialist. If, on the other hand, he experiences no misgivings about this combination he is probably a Nominalist at heart.