The Buddhist concept of the “Eight Fold Path” has a unique and direct relationship to the techniques employed to make Park City SEO effective. Let us examine each step in turn.


The first step on the eight fold path is “Right View” which means to view the world or reality correctly or accurately. When a content creator employs search engine optimization for the purposes of digital marketing (for example) he or she is essentially altering the content so that it appears more attractive to search engines. From one perspective this is a sneaky technique in that when content is altered for the purposes of Park City SEO the artistic value of the content is compromised. But if one is to view this process accurately both the artistic value of the content as well as the functional aspect of the search engine optimization must be viewed as acting concurrently.


The second step on the eight fold path is “Right Resolve” which means resolving to renounce the material world and all its attendant attachments. Search engine optimization generally serves a material purpose. That is, content is optimized in order to attract viewers who could potentially be converted into potential customers. Although Park City SEO can probably never be fully divorced from a material aim there is a sense that the content creator can employ the SEO techniques in a way that is artful and therefore serving a higher purpose.


The third step on the eight fold path is “Right Speech” which means to use language prudently. Content creation is the creation or use of language in written form. It is possible to cater to the needs of search engine optimization over and above the need to create content that is informative and useful. However, if a content creator chooses to go in this direction, he or she is creating content that has no value and therefore there is no need to direct traffic in its direction. As such, it makes sense to create content with value.


The fourth step is “Right Conduct” which means to refrain from killing, injuring, stealing or fornication. It goes without saying that anyone (content creators included) should refrain from this type of behavior with the possible exception of fornication depending on your personal moral philosophy.


The fifth step is “Right Livelihood” which means to live simply and only use that which is essential. Many people find that the more complicated their lives are and the more possessions they have to keep an eye on the more anxious they feel. Further, the more anxious a person feels the less creative they will able to be. As such, it makes sense that a content creator would want to keep his or her life as simple as possible.


The sixth, seventh and eight steps all involve the practice of meditation. Meditation works to un-clutter the mind which makes it more conducive to content creation. It goes without saying that there could never be a use for Park City SEO if there is not first content to optimize.