There are many ways to affect digital marketing with an effective SEO Salt Lake City strategy. Digital marketing is a generic term used to describe any type of marketing that occurs on the internet as opposed to traditional marketing platforms such as print ads, billboards and signs, television ads and radio spots. Digital marketing is vastly different than traditional marketing. And the reason why digital marketing is so different than traditional marketing is because digital marketing allows the advertisement to be focused upon its intended audience in a manner that is simply not possible otherwise. And the reason this is all possible is because of all the personal data that is collected by social media from the people who use it everyday.

There are two basic forms of digital marketing. The first is through social media platforms directly. For example, Facebook Ads allows the purchasers of advertising to design ads to be directly sent to a select group of people who might be interested in the product or service described by the ads. The people who might be interested in the product or service described by the advertisement are determined by all their recorded behavior (likes, clicks, articles looked at etc.) on the social media platform. The fact that the digital marketing can be targeted in this way makes it both more effective and cheaper at the same time. The second basic form of digital marketing is through search engine optimization (or S. E. O.). The way this works is when a person uses a search engine to look for a particular product or service the search engine then scans the internet for a website containing content that is relevant to that particular search. It then displays a list of website in order of their relevance. Search engine optimization is a way of making content appear more relevant to these search engines. In very general terms, this is accomplished by predicting what the search engine is looking for in this regard and then crafting content so that it fits this criteria. This type of SEO Salt Lake City is a form of digital marketing because it make the webpage of a business more likely to be seen by a potential customer and therefore increases the likelihood of selling its particular product or service.

Oftentimes digital marketing and SEO Salt Lake City can be used in concert. This affects a marketing strategy that targets a potential customer in two different ways. In other words, the potential customer will see advertisements for products or services that match his or her interests on social media based on his or her behavior on social media. At the same time, the customer will find the website for a business selling the particular product or service he or she is looking for because the content of the website for the business selling that product or service has been properly optimized. Using both of these strategies will increase the likelihood of a sale more than would using only one of those strategies alone.