A great deal of SEO Park City concerns itself with the subject matter of digital marketing. But what exactly is digital marketing? Good question. I am glad you asked. Actually, I asked the question but I asked the question on your behalf because I anticipated that you (the reader) would want to know the answer to said question. And in a sense, a good digital marketer will have to be able to anticipate his customers’ questions as well as be in possession of a ready answer. In other words, a good sales person will anticipate his customers’ needs and attempt to satisfy those needs. Sometimes this happens even before the customer realizes this need exists in the first place.


Very simply, the term “digital marketing” refers to any form of marketing which takes place on line. It used to be (up until very recently) that most forms of marketing were non digital. That is, the way a business marketed their products or services to their customers was through print media, television, radio, word of mouth or any other non internet source. Now more than ever, however, an ever larger slice of the marketing pie is occurring on line. That is, an ever larger chunk of marketing is digital marketing.

Digital marketing can take on many forms. For example, there are banner ads at the bottom, top or sides of web pages. But probably the most effective digital marketing occurs through social media. Facebook and other social media outlets have revolutionized the field of marketing. This is true because users of social media knowingly or unknowingly provide these services with untold amounts of personal information. This personal information can then be used to market to a very specific customer base. In this way, digital marketing is a very accurate and effective form of marketing than anything that has ever preceded it.


SEO Park City is a key component in the world of digital marketing. If you are reading this blog then you are probably well aware that search engine optimization is a set of techniques used to make a web page appear more prominently in search engine listings. In other words SEO moves a web page to the top of a list if it is done correctly. This in turn makes the web page more likely to be seen by a potential customer which in turn makes it more likely that the web page will sell its particular product or service. Accordingly, in order for digital marketing to be effective it is crucial that the web page upon which the marketing exists is properly optimized to attract the attention of a particular search engine.

In other words, you cannot have one without the other and you definitely need both. Because an ever increasing amount of marketing is digital marketing any business selling a product or service must market their product or service on line. In order to effectively market a product or service on line, the webpage conveying the marketing (so to speak) also needs to employ search engine optimization.