Knowing how many people actually have similar or more qualifications than you can make you feel hopeless. However, the purpose of this article is to direct you towards the right path, get rid of the unnecessary considerations you have in mind, and just get you started right away.

To achieve these, we will give you an insight into several marketing disciplines and run you through the various duties you should expect with each.

Aside from that, we will provide ideas about the qualifications each job position entails and some inspiring insights from digital marketing experts.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Product Marketing

Product marketing perfectly suits the overlap between sales, product, and marketing. Product marketers manage to message for product information, features, announcements, or updates. As such, they’re only focused on existing customers and potential customers they can find through leads and prospects.

Expert product marketers say that this position is the primary cross-functional sales position. This is because they cater to the messaging, go-to-market techniques, and positioning for their products and services.

Examples of Product Marketing jobs include Product Marketing Specialist, Product Marketing Manager, and Director of Product Marketing.

  • Product Marketing Specialist

Average Basic Salary: $69,500


  • Researching competitor brands, including searching and analyzing competitors’ sales materials and marketing techniques
  • Writing white papers, blog posts, case studies, webinars, and other marketing collateral
  • Seeking audience’s insights to manage, implement, and develop referral programs and testimonials
  • Product Marketing Manager

Average Basic Salary: $113,200


  • Leading in the development of marketing tools to promote functionality and new features to both existing customers and prospects
  • Developing and maintaining knowledge of customer/buyer profiles
  • Organizing and hosting client forums and meetings to gather feedback
  • Providing the marketing and sales teams with strategies that are essential to creating proposal presentations or templates
  • Director of Product Marketing

Average Basic Salary: $167,000


  • Communicating performance metrics to executive stakeholders
  • Acting as an external and internal specialist in product implementation and knowledge
  • Delivering ongoing product innovation stream

Content Marketing

Content marketing encompasses the process of distributing and creating relevant, informative, and valuable content for services and products.

Here, the goal is to make sure that the generated content can target the desired audience, considered their potential customers, and encourage them to learn more about the brand.

Whether it’s through a site visit, content download, or a direct sale, content marketing specialists should ensure they convey the right message.

  • Content Marketing Specialist

Average Basic Salary: $50,400


  • Copyediting various content for digital and print
  • Conceptualizing research, pitch, and writing search-friendly content.
  • This kind of content writing manifests itself through newsletters, blog posts, emails, landing pages, white papers, or product descriptions. Examples of content marketing jobs are Content Marketing Specialist and Content Marketing Manager.
  • Content Marketing Manager

Average Basic Salary: $66,100


  • Using keyword search to generate content for blogs
  • Managing a group of freelance or in-house writers and implementing a content schedule or calendar
  • Collaborating with product marketers, sales, and designers to plan video production, website copy, case studies, and others

Design Jobs

Buyers must know how they should use the products they’re convinced to purchase. Therefore, the marketers should also know how to communicate with the target customers regarding the product’s primary functions, features, and benefits not just through their content but also design.

  • Visual Designer

Average Basic Salary: $74,100


  • Creating intuitive experiences across a specific range of customer touchpoints
  • Taking projects from sketches and research to high-quality graphic designs
  • Designing emails, banners, presentations, landing pages, reports, ad creative, and others
  • UX/UI Designer

Average Basic Salary: $97,500


  • Building, developing, and maintaining UX/UI
  • Working closely with product management, users, engineering, and marketing to ensure the delivery of the best user experience
  • Testing the existing and new product designs’ usability and making pragmatic improvement proposals
  • Creative Director

Average Basic Salary: $133,800


  • Leading the interpretation, execution, and design of market studies
  • Developing new ideas for marketing collateral, campaigns, and branding
  • Managing and leading creative teams with utmost confidence according to their skill sets


Starting a digital marketing career in a fast-paced industry is not and will never be a walk in the park. After all, you have to consider numerous factors, especially when you’re a fresh graduate, as well as various specializations to focus on.

With that said, the best way to achieve success is to invest in yourself through education, hard work, experience, and long-term career commitment.