This image has nothing to do with the content, however, it has been included for the purposes of SEO.

As the title and the first sentence of this blog post suggest, sometimes a content creator must accept the reality that key words will not necessarily meld nicely with content for the purposes of SEO Park City. To those familiar with search engine optimization they will understand that the last three words of the title and the first sentence are in fact the key words. Those familiar with search engine optimization will also understand that sometimes it is difficult to fit key words into a sentence such that it reads in a perfectly grammatically correct manner. But put the key words into the sentence we must (that sounds like something Yoda might say) because sometimes the search engine optimization function of the content is actually more important than the content itself.


Perhaps this is the wrong way to think about it. If content contains valuable information, unique insight or some other entertainment value, then what difference does it make if its primary goal is search engine optimization? The two functions can be separate and there is no need to compare their relative importance. But the fact that I as the content creator am ruminating on this subject suggests (to me anyway) that there is some kind of problem here.

But the question remains as to just what the problem is exactly. Is the problem that there is an ethical concern regarding content whose primary purpose is its SEO Park City functionality rather than its actual content? Or perhaps, is the problem that I am concerned with this issue in the first place? Maybe it would be better if I simply cranked out content without concerning myself with these issues because (a) I suspect no one else is concerned with this issue and as such I am offending no one, (b) no one will read this blog post anyway except the web bots employed by search engines, and (c) this is the real politique of the internet and if I (or the person employing me to write this) wants to achieve success this is what must be done.

Incidentally, you might be wondering why the heading between paragraphs one and two has seemingly nothing to do with the content that follows. Well, you would be wrong to make this assumption. You see, another SEO technique (my employer recently informed me) is to put the key words in more than one context. You have seen the key words “SEO Park City” in the title of the blog post as well as in the first sentence. But search engine web bots also apparently value the key word in the different context of a heading as well. As such the heading itself is perfectly appropriate in this blog post because it serves to illustrate this point. And explaining this point serves to further pad out the word count which is another SEO hoop that a content creator must jump through in order to achieve his objectives.