When creating content for an SEO Salt Lake City business it might appear like the same problems keep popping up and repeating themselves over and over again. Do you find that the same problems keep repeating themselves in your life? Perhaps these problems are in the area of finance, career or relationships. If this does ring a bell then allow me to suggest that you are looking for the solutions to these problems in the wrong place.

Perhaps this story will illustrate the point. A moth walked into a podiatrist’s office. The podiatrist said, “Can I help you?” The moth responded, “I’m feeling very depressed.” The podiatrist scratched his head and said, “That’s really a problem for a psychologist. I am a podiatrist. Why did you come to me?” And the moth responded, “Well, because your light was on.”

I think that we can all recognize the flaw in the moth’s logic. The flaw was that he sought out a solution to his problem in the wrong place. Why did he do this? I think he did this for the same three reasons that we all do. These reasons are (1) we like our comfort zone, (2) we fear the unknown and (3) our mental narrative. Allow me to explain.

We look for solutions to your problems in the wrong place because we like our comfort zone. This makes sense. The things and places with which we are comfortable are non threatening, familiar and easy. It is no wonder that we prefer these things. However, if the same problems keep repeating themselves in life this is a pretty good indicator that we are not going to find solutions to these problems inside of a comfort zone.

We look for solutions to our problems in the wrong place because we fear the unknown. This goes hand in hand with preferring our comfort zone and does not bode well for SEO Salt Lake City. We like our comfort zone because it is known. We do not want to leave our comfort zone because it is unknown. This fear is sufficiently strong to keep us searching for solutions within our comfort zone even though we never seem to find the solutions there.

Finally, we look for solutions in the wrong place because of our mental narratives. The mental narrative is the story that we tell ourselves about ourselves over and over. We come to believe this story and it feels true to us. For example, you might tell yourself that you are not a creative person. You tell yourself this internally over and over and it becomes true for you. As a consequence you avoid being creative. As a consequence of that you never gain proficiency with being creative. It is self evident that this internal mental narrative has a self fulfilling prophesy quality to it.

It is this mental narrative that holds the key to breaking out of a comfort zone. If we change our mental narrative from “I am not creative” to “I am creative” things will start to shift in a positive direction both for the purposes of SEO Salt Lake City and otherwise.