I write content for a business that specializes in SEO Salt Lake City. To do so requires the ability to create content on a wide variety of subjects even if I have no depth of knowledge about that particular subject. For some people this task might seem a little daunting. They might wonder where the ideas will come from for example. Or perhaps they might find the task to be boring. Afterall, if a person has no knowledge of the subject on which he is writing (and perhaps even no interest in the subject) how then can he put his whole heart into the task? How would he be able to enjoy what he is doing?

The Joy of Content Creation – SEO Salt Lake City

The answer to these questions is that the joy of content creation (at least from my perspective) does not have to come from the subject matter of the content. Rather the joy of content creation comes from the ability to create content. It comes from the confidence that the content creator has the ability to create content on any subject for any assignment at any time. Now, there is some degree of innate ability at play here. I do not know that anyone can be trained to achieve this level of ability. But certain people (or personality types) do have this ability. For them, they need only train themselves to rise to this level. Let me explain.

I have run two full marathons in my life. Before I ran full marathons I ran a few half marathons. I remember upon finishing a half marathon how exhausted I felt and that the prospect of finishing a full marathon seemed impossible. I remember expressing this to another runner in the space where people congregated after the marathon. I then remember him responding rather nonchalantly that I could do it if I trained for it. I later found out that he was exactly correct. I put in the time, training and mileage to run a marathon by joining a running group (which I highly recommend to anyone attempting a marathon for the first time) and when it came time to run the marathon I was able to complete it.

In the same manner any content creator can train himself to create content by putting in the time, effort and written words. Make no mistake, it does take time and effort. But if the time and effort is put into the task the content creator will reap the rewards. I suppose this is because the human brain is constantly rewiring itself in response to the daily challenges that a person experiences. In this way if a content creator consistently challenges his brain to create content on a daily basis it will rewire itself so that eventually the task will feel very natural that requires less and less effort over time. When this ability fully matures it can be something to take pride in because of all the effort and volition it took to get to that place.