As a business, you want your target market to be familiar with your brand and your products or services. There’s no success without brand awareness. And in a digital society like ours, there’s no better place to build awareness than online.

So, irrespective of your sector, online brand awareness is the foundation of your sales funnel.

No surprise there since most people will only purchase from brands they trust. Research has shown that 71 percent of online shoppers are likelier to buy from a brand they recognize.

So, how can you increase awareness for your brand? That’s what this article is here for. We’ve covered strategies that you can apply to boost your online brand awareness.

But first, let’s discuss why increased online brand awareness is so important.

The Importance of Increased Online Brand Awareness

Increased online brand awareness comes with two main benefits. First off, it helps you stand out from the competition. And even better, it enables you to connect deeply with your target audience, building trust.

These two factors can lead to the ultimate goal – a rise in sales. Buyers spend money on brands they’re more familiar with and trust.

Strategies to Increase Your Brand Awareness Online

Now that you know how vital online brand awareness is, it’s time to discover how to increase it. Here are some of the strategies you can use to boost your brand awareness online:

#1. Build a User-friendly Site

More is needed to have a functioning website. It needs to be user-friendly too. In fact, you can lose potential customers if your site isn’t user-friendly.

An example of user-friendliness is a website’s functionality when accessed via a mobile phone. With the advent of smartphones, most internet users access the internet with their phones.

If a site isn’t mobile-friendly and takes time to load, these users will be frustrated. Eventually, they’ll leave and find a more user-friendly website. Therefore, while designing your business site, ensure that desktop and mobile users can easily navigate it.

It’s also vital to create a visually appealing site. When potential customers open your site and find it unattractive, they’re more likely to lose interest and leave it.

#2. Create a Unique Logo

Even though there’s more to your brand than a logo, a logo is still important. After all, it is the most visible element of your brand. Creating a unique one distinguishes your brand from competitors in the same sector.

However, it’s also crucial that your logo be simple and clean – one that adequately represents your brand.

#3. Create High-quality, Valuable, and Unique Content

Consumers are more likely to remember your brand if it provides more value to their lives. Also, the more value they get from you, the more likely they will tell others about you. All in all, providing value builds consumer trust, increasing sales. So how can your brand add value to the lives of your target audience?

One surefire way is to write high-quality and unique blog posts. These posts could be educational, entertaining, or informative. Better still, they should be up to date. Updating your blog regularly is crucial, as a failure to do that may negatively affect your brand. And that can be worse than not having a blog at all.

Furthermore, remember to optimize your blog for search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for any brand’s online exposure. It entails making your content visible to Google and other search engines. Moreover, it helps you get listed at the top of search engine results pages.

One of the ways you can optimize your content is by using keywords in your blog posts. These should be keywords your target audience is looking for. However, avoid over-stuffing your posts with keywords; it’ll have the opposite effect.

#4. Stay Active on Social Media

Today, social media platforms are effective avenues for business owners to attract their target audience. Platforms like these allow you to communicate with your customers directly and have meaningful conversations with them.

As such, posting regularly and being active on social media will boost your brand awareness online. Note that Facebook, Tiktok, and every other social media platform appeal to different demographics. Therefore, you should identify which social media platforms are most effective for your brand awareness.

#5. Work with Influencers

Working with influencers to help you create content is another powerful strategy to increase your online brand awareness. Influencers know the kind of content that appeals to their audience.

Therefore, by collaborating with them, you can make their audience your customers. The right influencers will create content that looks amazing and resonates with their devoted fan following. It’ll also build trust as their followers consider the influencers trustworthy.


Increasing your brand awareness online should be on the priority list of every business owner. By combining these strategies listed above, you can boost your brand awareness online.