In September of 2016, Barking Frog SEO qualified for Google Partner status. To become a Google Partner, agencies need to meet certain criteria that attest to their legitimacy and success as an internet marketing company. Why is this important? Well, SEO and digital marketing can get a bad rap. There are plenty of ripoff scam companies that don’t have the breadth of experience or integrity to handle the world of internet marketing according to best practices. As soon as one person falls victim to such a ploy, others hear about it and before you know it, everyone has a grudge against digital marketers. The fact is though, that there are enough people actively engaged in marketing tactics, both online and via traditional sources, that companies who wish to succeed must employ some sort of marketing campaign. In the digital world, Google seeks to enhance the companies that choose to play by the rules, while at the same time, their famous algorithm updates and site penalties down rank and de-legitimize websites that use spam-like tactics to leverage their clout online. The Google machine does this in many ways. Tools with verification processes like Google Places help control the quality of information on Google Maps for example. Google keeps tabs on almost everything for quality control reasons.

Getting to know all of Google’s platforms is a daunting task. The depth of information and capabilities of tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Merchant Center are all becoming so complex that use of these tools is not for the faint of heart. However, using these platforms with a keen mind can help bring your business success. This is why the Google Partners program exists. To qualify, applicants must pass exams to become certified in Adwords, and prove their success with minimum paid ads spend for clients and campaign quality metrics. When you’ve hired an agency with a Google Partners badge on their website, you can be assured that this company has run the gauntlet of Google certifications.

Put Barking Frog SEO’s Certifications to Work for You

Currently Barking Frog SEO is certified with Google Shopping ads, and has an enormous success rate with search and display campaigns. As time goes on, more certifications are sure to ensure. Do your business a favor and hire a real Google Partner to manage your internet marketing. Check out this link to get a free website audit, or just call us directly at our Salt Lake City office by dialing (801) 999-0330.