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There is a delicate balancing act that occurs when writing content for the purposes of Salt Lake City SEO. Actually, this applies to all SEO content writing (but you know… keywords). The word ego is Latin for “I”. This is the part of the mind that is interested in preserving the self’s sense of self. Accordingly, the ego becomes troubled when this sense of self is challenged. In the most extreme cases the ego acts to prevent the self from being physically injured or killed. However, in most every day situations the ego protects the self from injuries to its projected image.

The self’s image is judged by two potential sources. The first source is other people. To the ego, this is the most obvious source of judgment and the ego tends to think that other people are the chief source of judgment. This is actually an illusion. In reality it is the second source of judgment that is the primary source. This second source of judgment is the self (itself). In its most simplest terms the ego judges itself but when it does so it believes that it is being judged by other people.


There is a tendency for a content creator to think (perhaps “feel” is a better choice of words) that the content he creates should be of utmost importance. However, when search engine optimization gets thrown into the mix the relative importance of the content itself becomes somewhat diluted. This is especially true when the content is intended to optimize the content of another website or when (as is the case with this blog) the content is optimized to draw traffic to the website where it is located for the purposes of attracting customers. As such the content of the content is not the primary purpose.

When as in these instances the content of the content is not the primary purpose of the content it can be a threat to the ego. That is, on some level the ego perceives a threat in the form of judgment from other people who might criticize this practice as (perhaps) underhanded, dishonest or otherwise inauthentic. This perception of the ego is largely illusory because in all likelihood there is no other person who is judging the content creator. In actuality it is the ego of the content creator that is judging the content creator but to the ego this self judgment feels like an external threat.

In my own experience the actual feeling will typically manifest itself as a mild sense of unease or perhaps a case of writer’s block. As with all things related to the ego becoming aware of the dynamic at work is the antidote. The ego thrives on ignorance, misdirection and illusion. In fact the ego’s sense of self is itself an illusion. As such awareness of the illusion serves to dispel the illusion. In dispelling the illusion the content creator can then balance his ego with Salt Lake City SEO.