Abraham Maslow developed a psychological theory based on what he called humanity’s hierarchy of needs which can be applied to Park City SEO content creation. Essentially there are five layers to this hierarchy. At the very bottom is physiological need. This need is linked to survival and includes such basic items as air, water, food, clothing and shelter. Before a person can focus on any other needs he must first focus on his physiological needs. The second layer in the hierarchy is safety. According to Maslow, a person will be motivated to satisfy his need for safety once his physiological needs are satisfied. Safety needs include physical safety, physical health, financial security and insurance against risk. The third layer is the need for love and belonging. Again, this need will take precedence once the first and second needs are satisfied. This need basically centers around the need for connection with other people whether this connection is in the form of friendship, family or sexual / romantic. The fourth layer is the need for self-esteem. This is the need to feel valued by the self and others. The fifth layer of the hierarchy is the need to self actualize. When a person has satisfied all the other needs he can then strive for self actualization which is the realization of a person’s true potential and is unique to each person.

The reason I am writing about Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is because being creative requires that at least four of these layers be satisfied. It is very difficult to be creative if you are fixated on finding food or shelter. It is very difficult to be creative if you fear for your safety. It is very difficult to be creative if you lack connection with others and you feel empty inside. And it is very difficult to be creative if you lack self-esteem. All these layers must be in place to make the most of your creative powers. Put another way, if any of these layers are missing it will serve to block your potential to create Park City SEO content.

Of course creativity can be involved in the lower layers of the hierarchy. A person can be creative or innovative in the way he goes about seeking food, clothing, shelter, safety, love and value. But to a large extent, this type of creativity is in the service of these other needs. Content creation (although arguably being creative in order to put food on the table) in its truest form is creativity for the sake of creativity. This is value unto itself. This is in a very real way self actualization for the person who’s identity is intimately connected with being creative. In a sense content creation is very a sacred duty. A Park City SEO content creator cannot honestly take credit for the ideas he comes up with. He has no direct knowledge as to how the idea is formed. For all he knows the idea could have been implanted in his brain from some external source. Accordingly, being receptive to this source is very sacred indeed.