Few strategies in the online marketing are truly competitive and are evolving as SEO. However, it is marked by algorithm updates, new techniques, and new technologies to win the search engine results pages top ranking, and most SEO Park City experts gnaw to learn or predict the new trends to shape businesses futures digitally.

The updates of the algorithm were few and 2017 was an exciting year, while I anticipate bigger changes in 2018. Here are a few trend predictions dominating the 2018 SEO field:

The Image and Video Search Vastly Improves.

The interactions online must be visual. In the recent years, there is more social media visual-friendly platforms, faster internet speeds, and general public wish to stay engaged with videos and images leading to visual online interactions surge. The Google engines are expected to treat online videos and images more accurately using new acquisitions such as Eyefluence and Moodstocks and so you can expect improvement in user interactions. Though right now, even companies such as SEO Utah cannot exactly foretell the situation, vast improvement is expected in search sophistication.

Voice Search Will Increase with Smart Speaker Sales

Smart speaker, do you have one? If you do not have it, you must be aware of a few people who have. The smart speaker sales refer to Google Home and Amazon Echo, while the sales will grow probably in 2018 and it is anticipated for newer models to roll out soon. These speakers provide search results and are activated by voice. In fact, users can become more used to search engine interacting results listening to their voices. This may change drastically the queries types and reshape the businesses way of thinking about SERPs.

Dominating Knowledge Graph

Google, for a few years from now, will be showing a steady progress, thereby promoting the specificity and frequency of snippets, while the user’s answers to questions pose search queries. Thus, the featured snippets ensure specificity and frequency to the pose questions in the search box. However, recently the featured snippets frequency declined, while it was replaced by answers found in Knowledge Graph boxes. This event raises the Google’s Knowledge Graph dominance, replacing enough space occupied by snippets so that the users are provided with consistent and better answers.

Individual Customization Helps to Change Rankings Positions

Google is continuously pushing for personalized search results, relying on the browser cookies, search histories, and other information, thereby offering customized SERPs. The smart speakers’ advent and with the search convenience increased, the technological sophistication has increased and so the personalization factor increases further and this is acknowledged rightly by Utah SEO experts that they will predict and bring the rank to the top list.

Machine Learning will End The Traditional Algorithm Search

The deepest machine learning relates to the search algorithm.  However, Google’s parent company, Alphabet has heavily invested in AI and machine learning, but there is no official news from Google regarding its plans to roll out its core algorithm in machine learning updates by 2018. However, there will be greater machine learning influence over typical search results, but it may take few years to see fading of algorithm updates or automated replacement of interactive algorithm process of updating done by machine learning.

SEO is Anticipated to Expand Beyond Google and Bing

In the past few years, there is an apparent increase in the number of companies and everyone is competing for the ranking beyond Google. Though, the fact stays that Google dominates the sphere of the search engine, as it is undoubtedly is the highly renowned search platform, there are others such as Amazon and Yelp as digital assistants such as Siri have emerged becoming relevant search engines. If you wanted to be found in the user searches by a greater percentage of people during their searches, you must introduce yourself so that the audience recognize you and identify. You can take the help of SEO Park City and ensure you retain your position in the top rankings. However, with heavy competition, there is a need for anyone in 2018 to consider ways beyond the range of influence of the Google.

Thus, to rank in the Google’s search engine ranking, there is a need for the companies to work on their SEO aspects and to follow the latest trends.