Writing content on a consitant basis for this SEO Salt Lake City blog requires a creative process. In my experience I have come to realize that the creative process can be augmented by following a certain set of best practices. These best practices are not necessarily intended to strengthen the ability to create although to the extent these practices encourage engaging the creative power it will do that. Rather, these best practices are intended to make the best use out of the creative powers that already exist in a person. These best practices are intended to avoid those things that block the creative process.

1. Write in the morning

The most creative time of the day will always be in the morning. There are studies that affirm this but this truth has also been born out by personal experience. Ideas just flow better in the morning because the mind more rested than it will be at any other time in the day. Moreover, creating content first thing in the morning naturally prioritizes the content creation process.

2. Research your topic

This might seem like an obvious point to make but when the topic is researched and the facts are readily available creating content becomes vastly easier. Essentially, the content creation process becomes a process of stringing together the facts discovered by the research in a logical and coherent way. In addition, researching a topic will always reveal other aspects of the topic that were not considered when the topic was originally contemplated.

3. Allow for Imperfection

While in the midst of the content creation process it is extremely important not to strive for perfection. The goal is to let the ideas flow. If you do not allow yourself to create bad content you will most likely block yourself from creating good content. Oftentimes, however, I am embarrassed to write bad content. I fear other people reading it and judging me negatively. So I do not let myself do it. This is letting my ego get in the way and the ego is the enemy of the creative process. Remember, you can always edit your SEO Salt Lake City blog post (for example) later.

4. Be Physically Healthy

It is possible to create content if you are physically unhealthy but I find that physical problems can become distractions which interrupt the creative flow. For this reason it is important to maintain some level of physical fitness. The way I do this is to make sure I get 10,000 steps in every day. Most (if not all) smart phones count the steps you take every day. I use an app called Pacer. Walking is also a great activity in which to multi-task. Sometimes I meditate, read and perform other tasks while writing.

5. Be in a good mood

I find that being in a bad mood blocks my creative process. If I have just argued with someone or got into a message board political debate I am angry afterwards. Then if I sit down to write an SEO Salt Lake City blog post nothing comes out. Accordingly, on the one hand I advise you to avoid conflict if you want to create content. On the other hand a content creator also needs to have proper boundaries with other people. By this I mean that you have to have the ability to say “no” to other people if they try to get you to do something that you do not want to do.

If you cannot say no to another person in this circumstance you will become irritated and angry. This will also block your creativity. So in order to maintain a good mood so that you are in the right frame of mind to create content you must strike a balance between maintaining healthy boundaries and avoiding conflict. It takes practice but this is a good skill to master not only for the purpose of creating content.