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SEO San Diego

Barking Frog SEO has decided to expand our SEO company to San Diego, California. So if your business needs SEO San Diego for only $250 a month, then our strategic and affordable SEO company is where you should be calling. We can get your business front page, local SEO in 60 days and nationwide in 120 days. To fast track your search engine optimization in San Diego, then fill out the free SEO quote and we will respond with a cutting edge SEO quote within 24 hours.

SEO and social media is what’s happening now San Diego and Barking Frog SEO would love to be a part of your online success. We want to make sure that your SEO and social media marketing becomes an opportunity to maximize your conversions from your online presence and not a wasted business resource. It’s far too easy for an unexperienced business owner to spend a lot of money and time on social media that isn’t understood how to use effectively and measure properly.

After creating much success with our SEO Utah campaigns, we decided it was time to make a move to San Diego as well. Our San Diego SEO firm couldn’t have come at a better time. One of the immediate impacts your company will see is new lead generation. Being on the front page of Google is critical right now. 87% of all smart phone users are using Google for searches in 2011. Almost 40% of all adults in the US own a smartphone and over 75% of United States homes have at least one computer in it. Over 79% of searches are done through the search engine Google. San Diego residents aren’t going to the phone book when needing a dentist or an attorney. They are utilizing Google! In 5 mins a potential client can read 5 profiles of San Diego dentists and actually find a dentist that provides services they are seeking. They will then hop onto Google maps and print out a route to their business. All in 5 minutes!!! You can’t do this with the YellowPages. Advertising has changed. When you walk into a Ralph’s supermarket in San Diego, you don’t see stickers for the Yellow Pages but instead you see Facebook and Twitter stickers. Online presence is the cutting edge way to promote your San Diego business.

SEO San Diego will generate the most business for us with over 1200 lookups through Google alone on a monthly basis. We can’t afford not be front page Google in San Diego. Can your business afford not to be front page Google? Call us today for your free website analysis and SEO quote at (801) 999-0330 today.

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