The Future of SEO Today

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.18.13 PMBarkingFrogSEO is a full service, cutting-edge SEO/internet marketing company in Salt Lake City, Utah. We SEO all our clients to front-page Google, Yahoo and Bing status, giving your business the competitive edge needed today and in the future. BarkingFrog SEO has attained remarkable success with our clients’ SEO campaigns.

Our Internet marketing success hinges on a number of services every company needs to run a powerful Internet advertising campaign. BarkingFrog relies on a high PR (PageRank), link building campaigns, company branding, optimized web design, image manipulation and optimization, social mapping, social graph metrics, multimedia content creation and SEO content writing.

Most of our competition chases the Google algorithm. BarkingFrog SEO, does the opposite. We chase after what our clients want, then implement the cutting-edge SEO campaign that our clients are seeking and submit it to Google. This is what Google chases after. Google loves fresh SEO content, high PR, follow back links, and manual submissions of these links. At BarkingFrogSEO we strive to utilize the freshest and most advanced white-hatting (ethical) SEO content today. We are 3 steps ahead of our competition, which allows our clients to stay 3 steps ahead of their competitors and increase their ROI — sometimes by 600%. All of our SEO and Internet marketing packages are based after this principle, and it’s the main reason why our clients attain front-page Google status.

So what’s the objective of your SEO campaign? Are you looking to gain more website sales, find additional leads, or perhaps increase your brand awareness? Are you aware of who and what your target audience is? If not, that’s OK. Our SEO specialists will provide your company with a map to your target audience is and start your SEO campaign based on how you can best engage them. If your target audience is 20 or 30 year olds, for instance then we will launch our social SEO with much emphasis on social media and blog submissions.

A successful SEO campaign needs more than just a general increase in site traffic to improve conversions and revenue. Therefore, it’s important to define your objectives and continually refocus them as the SEO campaign progresses. We’ll help you do that Whether you chose our local or national SEO campaign, you’ll find you have increased traffic, real customers searching for your specific business, products, and information, and conversions that lead to a much higher ROI. It’s a race to the top, and BarkingFrogSEO will help you get there.