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5 Signs to Hiring an SEO Company for your Business.

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1)The first sign to hire an seo company is looked over and over by businesses everywhere. BarkingFrogSEO hears it everyday out in the local community. “We hired 1 or 2 seo companies and they didn’t do anything for our company, except run off with our money” I’ll tell you the biggest mistake they made when seeking an seo company. They answered an ad and didn’t do their research on that company. The first thing that needs to be done, is to run a search on Google to see if there seo company is front page Google. Ex: SEO Salt Lake City or SEO Company Salt Lake City. Now the keyword seo company is pretty competitive. Especially with the city it’s located in behind the keyword. If the seo company you are researching isn’t on the front page of Google, don’t you dare hand over your hard earned money. If you do, then NO COMPLAINING when they run off with your money.  Just to give you an example of how cutting edge BarkingFrogSEO is, we invite you to type in these 3 keywords, seo salt lake city, seo firm salt lake city, seo company salt lake city into all 3 major search engines. Yep, Google, Yahoo and Bing. WE have attained high front page rankings out of millions of other results. Most of them are number 1 rankings. BarkingFrogSEO takes great pride in constantly evolving with the Google Algorithm, always keeping ourselves and our clients, 2 steps ahead of our competition.

2)Our market-defining keyword research methodologies, provide the most meaningful view of what your target audience is searching and purchasing. We then seo your company to the front page of Google, based on these research techniques, to maximize your conversions from front page Google traffic.

3) White Hatting Techniques such as the Dartboard Optimization Matrix or DOM methodology is the way of optimizing a website for search engine using white hat techniques. DOM involves mapping your website pages and keywords in concentric rings, similar to a dart board The aim of the process is to come up with a plan for optimizing your website in such a way that the sales-related keywords for the site start ranking much in advance to the more competitive branding keywords.

Significance of various rings of DOM

The innermost ring in DOM consists of the branding or top keywords for a website. Just like in a dart board, it is the ultimate goal for the entire optimization process to have a website rank for these keywords. The innermost ring maps the branding keywords to the top pages of the site like the home page and the about us page.

The second ring in DOM consists of the specific service-related keywords and the second-level pages that represent these keywords.

After this there can be several rings depending upon the complexity of the domain in which the site deals. The outmost ring in DOM is also referred to as sales ring. The keywords in this ring are sales-related keywords or keywords specific to a product that the company sells. The pages mapped in this ring are the sales pages of the site where a user can make a purchase.

How It Works

The methodology followed in DOM involves optimizing the site for the outer ring keywords first. These keywords generally have very low competition and tend to rank easily. Since these keywords are sales related, even though the traffic on these keywords is low, it is very targeted and leads to direct sales. Once the keywords in the outermost ring start ranking, one should move to the inner rings in similar fashion. By the time the second ring keywords start ranking, the branding keywords in the innermost ring will already be in the search engine results and with very little effort they can achieve top ranks.

4) Affordable SEO- All of us can’t afford an seo company that is charging thousands of dollars to get your small or large business on the front pages of Google. To get straight to the point, BarkingFrogSEO is an seo company that receives a lot of seo work outsourced to us. This allows us to offer local seo packages at only $200 a month. This seo campaign is for the most competitive keyword in your related industry. It takes a lot of work for the top keyword in your industry. Ex: Dentist Austin Texas or Dentist Austin. That’s a top keyword and well worth $2400 a year. You ROI on this seo campaign should be very high. Local seo searches on Google, result in 61% brick and mortar purchases. Any seo company can and should offer affordable seo packages on a local basis. It’s something all local community businesses should have to create a strong presence for your regional area on Google that consumers can come to rely on.

5) Social Media Marketing-When you sign up with an seo company, always look for social media widgets on their site. Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising in any industry. It’s also the slowest moving vehicle in advertising. Social media marketing is word of mouth on espresso. And we mean this in a good and bad way. Our seo company BarkingFrogSEO has a firm grasp on the different ways to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Digg. We aren’t going to spill the beans here for you, but if you want a high caliber seo campaign then BarkingFrogSEO is your place to be.

So, this should be very informative, if you are seeking an seo company to generate leads for your business. If you want to hire an innovative seo company that is ready to go to work for you now, then fill our free seo quote here.

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