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Shane Baldwin Utah Discusses Silverleaf Financial.

Salt Lake City based SilverLeaf Financial is a private equity firm that purchases pools of non-performing, first deed of trust, notes from the FDIC for the purpose of prompt monetization.

(I-Newswire) February 4, 2010 – Salt Lake City, UT –SilverLeaf Financial ( was just awarded another loan pool from the latest FDIC offering, Security Pacific Bank. Pool 85 contains 3 loans with a total face value amount of $11.9 Million, and an aggregate appraised value of $17.5 Million.

SilverLeaf Financial was also recently awarded two loan pools from the Silver State Bank offering. Pool 20 consists of 1 loan with a face value amount of $6.15 Million, and an appraised value of $8.7 Million. Pool 150 contains 4 loans with a total face value amount of $9 Million, and an aggregate appraised value of $15.2 Million. Therefore, the aggregate face and appraised values for both pools are $15.15 Million and nearly $24 Million respectively.

Prior to making a bid to purchase pools from within an FDIC offering, the SilverLeaf Financial team thoroughly underwrites, and carefully analyzes each loan in order to determine the value in a potential acquisition. Pools that do not fit the SilverLeaf criteria for profitability are not bid upon. Those pools that are selected and bid upon for purchase have an associated plan of action ready for implementation. This ensures prompt liquidation once the bid award is obtained. The SilverLeaf team of experts carries a reputation for their exceptional evaluation and assessment prowess, including the capacity to efficiently and effectively complete the workout process. This allows them the foundation from which they can provide security for their investors with a substantial return on their investment.

From the time they entered this niche-oriented venture in early 2008, SilverLeaf has placed 87 bids with the FDIC, having been awarded 11 pools consisting of 17 loans. Seven of those eleven acquired pools have been worked out successfully, and one other is currently under contract to be refinanced. “All things considered, it’s remarkable the progress SilverLeaf has made relative to the current market conditions. We’ve found a niche-oriented alleyway within the financial marketplace that has proved to be very profitable, despite the economic recession,” says Trevor Linton, SilverLeaf’s Director of Acquisitions.

Dwight Shane Baldwin, SilverLeaf’s founder and CEO, goes on to say, “Within the current state of the market, we have discovered a method to do that which most should do, but haven’t been able to, in buying low and selling high.”

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