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Internet Marketing

At BarkingFrogSEO, our SEO & internet marketing company offers a variety of internet marketing services.

  • Search Engine Optimization or SEO:
  • Optimized Web Design and SEO Content Creation
  • Social SEO (Social Media Buzz Marketing)
  • High PR (Page Rank) Link Building Campaign
  • Company Branding
  • Local Search Marketing (Google Places, Bing & Yahoo)
  • Press Release Optimization
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)

Our internet marketing platforms are associated with various business models. E commerce platforms, are a model where products are available directly to consumers, business to business and consumer to consumer. Our local internet marketing programs, where we specialize in directing a high volume of traffic to your website through Google Places, yelp and other tools such as our social media marketing campaign, our front page Google organic search campaign and geo targeted market sales promotions. This process allows a small local business to utilize the Internet to gain real time advantages that their competitors aren’t reaching. BarkingFrogs lead generation optimized websites and Internet marketing plans create leads from our cutting edge process where these leads are as valuable as a walk in custom in your own retail store. Our highly coveted leads like this are what we call organic leads and they’re priceless. As you have all figured out by now, to maintain a competitive edge over your competitors, it’s vital to hire an SEO/internet marketing company that specializes in all cutting edge SEO services available for business in the rapidly evolving world of technology, SEO & social media. Just hiring an seo firm isn’t enough anymore.

Our process of internet marketing brings together our cutting edge technical side with our creative side of the internet. Bringing together all of our design, development, marketing and our sales campaigns. It’s second to none!! Internet marketing also means utilizing various business models from lead generation, ecommerce platforms, or local seo where a small business uses the internet to cultivate business relationships for real-world advantages. Local Internet marketing utilizes seo tools such as our high PR social media campaign, our front page Google local search campaign and targeting a specific audience with a specific product.

A major advantage for a small business, when dealing with internet marketing and seo is how inexpensive our campaigns are when examing the cost ratio to reach a specific target audience as displayed in the graph below.

A small business can now reach a wide audience specifically targeting its products for a fraction of what traditional advertising costs reach.

Our cutting edge internet marketing campaigns, go hand in hand with our seo packages. Internet marketing also provides convenience for consumers to research your company and services before calling. This allows you an opportunity to maximize your conversions and create a cutting edge and appealing medium that produces results quickly.

All of our services compliment each other well, allowing us to always guarantee our work 100% of the time.

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