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Is Google Chasing Facebook?

Well the word is now definitely out from Larry Page at Google. Evolve and get your social game or go home. It’s all about integration of social computing capabilities into their services.

Lary Page, CEO for Google has implemented an internal memo throughout Google, titled, “2011 Bonus Multiplier”. This 25% can either be an increase or a decrease. Its based in social strategies of course. For Google, there is no better time then now to push a strategic social strategy, to challenge Facebook in the social arena.

Google just implemented their +1 button which is their answer to facebooks like button. This social initiative is a sign of their commitment to evolve in the socail arena, allowing customers to be understood more by Google. While it’s too early to tell whether the +1 button will be a success, Google’s previous social attempt, like their Buzz service, has been underwhelming, especially when drawing a comparison to Facebook.

So we will wait to see if Google can catch up to Facebook here in the coming year.

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