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For companies interested in local Utah SEO trends, understanding the evolution of online marketing throughout the past two years is essential for having a firm grasp on what is expected to work in 2014.

Following are ten of the most important marketing trends Salt Lake City SEO experts would recommend:

  1. If you ask a Utah SEO company, locally targeted ads can be one of the best ways of reaching more local customers these days.
  2. With an ever-increasing number of internet searches coming from tablets and smartphones, mobile marketing is expected to have an even greater influence than in previous years.
  3. User friendly apps and websites designed for tablet responsiveness may also carry a lot of weight in the near future with Kindle and iPad purchases skyrocketing in the past year.
  4. Niche websites and the targeting of specific niches through social media and social groups are expected to be even more important for online marketers than in previous years.
  5. Along the same lines, tracking customer purchase trends through social networks (social CRM) – and also providing incentives and promotions – will improve your online marketing experience.
  6. SEO is also depending more and more on social media, and the importance of viral content is slowly replacing traditional link building practices.
  7. For smaller marketers, a more targeted approach towards ad campaigns and email marketing will play a major role in seeking out customers based on their specific interests.
  8. In 2014, targeting a more specific audience will also be the main focus of improving ROI through the use of PPC (pay per click) ads along with enhanced real-time bidding.
  9. To attract as many customers as possible, deals, discounts and price reductions will be essential. Profits are expected to come later on as a result of referrals and repeat sales.
  10. Ultimately, connecting with customers across all marketing channels, as consistently as possible, is the surest way of achieving positive results.

To maximize efficiency when it comes to SEO, Salt Lake City marketers consider these to be the best practices for 2014, with special emphasis on mobile marketing and smartphone use.

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